la Biennale di Venezia
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Weekend Specials

The Weekend Specials program, part of the six-month long Monditalia exhibition, will unfold in diverse formats: from documentaries and workshops to lectures, debates, shows, and performances. Weekends have two overriding themes: Echoes and Generations. Echoes resonates with the scan of Italy presented in the Arsenale through the selection of films and Italian case studies. Each weekend will be programmed by different contributor(s), often the same as those in the permanent exhibition. Generations aims to explore different disciplines— architecture, technology, pedagogy, language, management, and politics—through the filter of transgenerational perspectives. Through these two themes, the Weekend Specials program investigates, among other things, the cultural influence of the 1960s avant-gardes, apparent similarities between the 1968 protesters and the Occupy movements, the struggle between private and public capital in cultural ventures, the influence of bloodlines and familiar affinities between generations in contemporary European societies, the evolution of language and translation in the globalized context, the impact of technology in networked politics and self-production processes, the new geographies of sacred communities and spaces...
Beatriz Colomina, Britt Eversole, Ignacio G. Galán, Evangelos Kotsioris, Anna-Maria Meister, Federica Vannucchi
7 June
2. Towards a New Avant-garde
8 June
3. European and Global Cultures / Perspectives on Architecture & (Creative) Economy
Stephan Trüby
26– 27 July
4. The Transmedial Storytelling Project – Friday in Venice
Michael Schindhelm, Robert Schuster, Gábor Biedermann, Aline Loew, Niloufar Tajeri,
Michaela Buesse, Michael Faessler, State
1 – 17 August
5. Excavating the Sky
Khaled Malas
12 – 15 August
6. The Tomorrow
Lorenza Baroncelli, Stefano Boeri, Maddalena Bregani, Tommaso Sacchi, Pier Paolo Tamburelli
20 August – 30 September
7. State of Exception
23 – 24 August
8. Notte Italiana
29 – 31 August

9. Networked Politics
Space Caviar, Folder, dpr-barcelona, Maio
6 – 7 September
10. The Maker Gene
6 – 7 September
11. Green Gold Islands, Territori a Setaccio Sant’Erasmo e Mazzorbo
Michele Brunello, Sandro Bisà, Giuditta Vendrame
13 September
12. Calling Home: Explorations on Domestic Change in Italy
Filippo De Pieri, Federico Zanfi
14 September – 16 November
13. Lucid Schizophrenia
ETICity - Exploring Territories, Imagining the City
16 21 September
14. The State of the Art - Art Practices, Cultural Practices and, Social Transformation
ASK Research Center Bocconi University (Stefano Baia Curioni, Laura Forti, Ilaria Morganti, Elena Rizzi, Roberto Scalmana)
20 – 21 September
15. Architecture in Translation. The Mediation of Social and Urban Spaces
Manuel Orazi, Siri Nergaard
27 – 28 September
16. Peninsula Hotel
Humboldt Books
27 – 28 September
17. Spaghetti Wasteland – The Secret History of Italian Music from Morricone to Parco Lambro ‘76
4 – 5 October
18. Sacred Weekend
Matilde Cassani, Marco Sammicheli, Andrea Dall’Asta, Giuliano Zanchi
11 – 12 October
19. Memorials on the Sidewalks
Elena Pirazzoli, Roberto Zancan
18 – 19 October  
20. Self-Made City
Kristien Ring, AA-Projects
25 – 26 October

21. un(STEADY) - the many bodies of architecture
Gabriel Beckinger
1 - 2 November

22. Venetian Stories
Reza Azard
11 - 16 November

23. Anatomia di un fiume 2014
Ettore Favini, Alice Bulla, Patrizia Tenerelli
15 - 16 November

Wat Doet de Architect (Nog) in 2024?
A two-day meeting on the future of Dutch architecture
AMO in collaboration with Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds
20 - 21 November