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la Biennale di Venezia
Visual Top Art EN (new)


53rd International Art Exhibition

Making Worlds

from 7th June to 22nd November 2009

Collateral Events

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Tribute to Pietro Cascella
Arsenale, Giardino delle Vergini
from June 7 to November 22
A Tribute to Pietro Cascella is motivated by the lasting relevance of that which was his greatest intent as a sculptor: to work at a monumental environmental scale, creating spaces of participation and memory of Mediterranean anthropological legacies and shared civic values. From the monument at Auschwitz, 1967, to the most recent Ara Pacis. The event is curated by Luca Beatrice, Beatrice Buscaroli and Enrico Crispolti.
opening hours: 10am – 6pm closed on Tuesdays
admission with ticket of the 53rd International Art Exhibition
Organization: Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali PARC Direzione generale per la qualità e la tutela del paesaggio, l’architettura e l’arte contemporanee

ADACH Platform for Venice
Arsenale Novissimo, Spazio Thetis, Capannone 108
from June 7 to October 15
The ADACH Platform in Venice will be articulated as a highly designed meeting point for artistic production and live encounters and as a survey of contemporary visual arts and culture from the perspective of Abu Dhabi/UAE and beyond. Most of the content will be provided in projects developed within the ADACH Platform for Visual Arts. The event is curated by Catherine David.
opening hours: 10am - 6pm closed on Tuesday
Organization: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH)
Alessandro Verdi: floating in uncertainty
Arsenale, Castello 2126/A (Campo della Tana)
from June 7 to November 22
Life is on a collision course between space and time, between Eros and Thanatos, and in this clash Man seeks the intense sum of his emotions, as in Alessandro Verdi’s works. A sense of spatial negation is staged in his works, to the point of a maniacal exhibitionism of the figure, pressed on the two-dimensional substance of the pictorial space. The event is curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.
opening hours: 10am - 6pm closed on Tuesday
Organization: Fondazione Mudima
ARCHEOVERTIGO by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti
Complesso Monumentale di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Archivio di Stato, San Polo 3002 (Campo dei Frari)
from June 6 to August 9
ARCHEOVERTIGO is an exhibition abstaining 7 bronze sculptures realized by Cristiano Alviti which represent bodies, heads and nymphs and 10 paintings of Patrizio Alviti on iron and wooden plates which represent women bodies.
opening hours: from Monday to Thursday 10:30am - 5:30pm, Friday 10:30am - 1:30pm, saturday 9:30am - 1.30pm,  closed  on Sunday
Organization: Meet In Art – MIA
ArtSway’s New Forest Pavilion
Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596 (Fondamenta del Soccorso)
from June 7 to June 28
ArtSway’s New Forest Pavilion features work by Jordan Baseman, Alex Frost, Dinu Li, Hannah Maybank and Nathaniel Mellors. These artists have all completed an ArtSway Production Residency or Commission, which supports new work in a critically engaged environment, fostering a liberated approach to creativity, unrestricted by theme or bureaucratic priorities.
opening hours: 10am - 6pm,  closed on Monday
Organization: ArtSway
AttaKim: ON-AIR
Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596 (Fondamenta del Soccorso)
from June 4 to November 22
Palazzo Zenobio will host AttaKim: ON-AIR  by Korean artist Atta Kim. Atta Kim is a philosopher and a man of thought rather than an artist. He developed a unique view of the world through his own exceptional training for a long time. His photographs of Cities capture dichotomous natures of space, matter and time, hinting at a twilight reality into which everything will fade. Kim also shows a way in which photography can be used as a conceptual/abstract form.
opening hours: 10am - 6pm,  closed on Monday
Organization: Gyeongnam Art Museum

Galleria San Vidal, Campo San Zaccaria
from June 4 to June 30
BLUE ZONE  is a multimedia performance project featuring an abandoned gallery where the only echoes are the voices of artists describing non-existent invisible works immersed in a blue light. It conjectures a post-human reality in which there are no more works, artists, or visitors, dominated by a senseless buzz that will never be understood.
opening hours: 10:30am - 1pm /4pm - 7:30pm  closed on Sunday
Organization: Unione Cattolica Artisti Italiani (U.C.A.I.)

Braco Dimitrijevic
Future Post History

Ca’ Pesaro, Santa Croce 2076
Ca’ Farsetti, San Marco 4136
from June 5 to November 22
Braco Dimitrijevic, with his Casual Passer-by works and his book Tractatus Post Historicus, published in 1976, introduced the concept of Post History: “Post History is a time of coexistence of different values and models, a time of multi-angular viewing, a space without one final truth.”
opening hours: 10am - 7pm (4pm ticket office closed) closed on Monday
Organization: Ars Aevi Project - Museum of Contemporary Art Sarajevo
San Servolo Island, English courtyard
from June 4 to November 22
Installation of bronze sculptures by sculptor Piergiorgio Colombara in the English courtyard on the San Servolo Island. Casamata, the home that symbolizes the memories of those who lived here due to illness or quarantine. The body abandoned the absence which evokes its life in empty forms to freeze it forever in bronze.
opening hours: 10am - 8pm
Organization: Fondazione De Ferrari
Create & Change: Internal = External, 1 = ∞
Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, Cannaregio 6104 (Calle delle Erbe)
from June 4 to November 22
The exhibition by the Taiwanese artist Lee Sun-Don, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, is a workin progress which will extend for the whole exhibition period while the artist performs his impromptu paintings. The exhibition shows and shares an unprecedented creative path through Buddhist achievements in order to spread universal harmony through the cosmic energy generated by artwork signs, the artist’s performance and the viewer’s contemplation.
opening hours: 10am - 6pm, closed on Monday
Organization: Arte Communications
Palazzo Bollani - Castello, 3647
from June 4 to November 22
The event consists in an installation by the famous Russian duo Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov. For the past 15 years, the artists have explored the possibilities of painting, digging into the heritage of Soviet art and Social-Realism, and 'reinvented' the taste for painting in Russia, in the middle of the 90’s.
opening hours: 10am -6pm
Organization: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, New Rules Foundation, Dubossarsky&Vinogradov Foundation
The artists selected for the main exhibition, VIVA ARTE VIVA
National Participations
Countries exhibited in their own pavilions at the 57th Intl. Art Exhibition
Collateral Events
Additional exhibitions and initiatives in Venice during the 57th Biennale