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The Library collects printed works, catalogues, general and specific sources of interest inherent to the institutional disciplines of the Biennale: visual arts, architecture, film, music, dance, theatre and mass media, over a period of time that goes from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.
The materials of the library are inventoried and catalogued; they currently count over 145,000 books and catalogues.

The search tools offered by the library are the following:
1. a printed catalogue by author and by subject (for books and catalogues);
2. an online SBN catalogue (for books and catalogues).
The headings are structured by discipline, section and subsection according to the following legenda:
A visual arts, applied arts, industrial design, photography
C film
D works in progress and for consultation
I mass media
M music, dance
T theatre, drama
U architecture, city planning, restoration, interior decoration
A acts (of conventions, conferences, courses, etc.)
C catalogues
D dictionaries, encyclopedias, glossaries
F Discipline foundations and manuals, theoretical principles, essays
I institutions and structures, legislation
K criticism and essays (added to F)
M monographs on artistic operators
O musical scores
P anthologies
R repertories, dictionaries and encyclopedias
S history
T technique
U university theses and research studies