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Biennale College – Cinema Virtual Reality, 2nd edition | application form

You are now ready to apply for the 2nd edition of the Biennale College Cinema - VR.

Sender's data
Production Company
Please describe your production company and list the films you produced.
Signed agreement between the producer and the director confirming the will to complete the submitted project within the schedule and criteria of the programme Biennale College – Cinema Virtual Reality, 2nd edition 2017-2018.
A project concept for a VR project of maximum 30 minute length (1 page, max 350 words or 1.800 characters).
A treatment that fully describes the VR project (5-10 pages, max 3.500 words or 18.000 characters).
Video presentation
Director's video presentation. Max 3 minutes (Vimeo suggested).
Director's vision
It can be represented by a mood board, a project-book (few pages of a storyboard, a colour script, a series of drawings or photographs) or by a video (max 3 minutes). It visually complements the written concept, and describes the project through images.

** Fill out at least one field (attached file or video url)

A Total Budget up to a maximum of 60.000€
Previous works
Previous works by the director (max 2) digital or on film, to be uploaded directly on the website 360°and/or flat.
Audience Engagement Plan
(1 page, max 350 words or 1.800 characters). The document describes how to create audience awareness through on-line communities.
Right disclosure

Disclosure concerning the full ownership of rights for the project presented, or the case in which the rights of third parties are involved.