la Biennale di Venezia
6th International Kids' Carnival

La Biennale

Grand Atelier for costume-making

Arsenale  (Sale d’Armi)
This year for the first time, the Arsenale will host the Grand Atelier for costume-making, a creative sewing workshop with free access. Participants will be offered the unique opportunity to create accessories, masks, hats and other elements for carnival costumes using fabrics, paper and simple, recycled materials in a fun environment encouraging collaboration between children and adults.
The talent of ancient Venetian craftsmanship is engrained in the city’s tradition, and is continuously renewed through developing children’s abilities while they experience the history of the Serenissima Republic, when the Arsenal had a pivotal role in the life of Venice.
The Grand Atelier for costume-making is organized in collaboration with the Cooperativa IL CERCHIO Onlus which, through the work of women inmates in the Giudecca prison in Venice, wishes to contribute to children’s education by teaching them respect for work and the value of creativity.
Daily activity
We wish to thank Rubelli, official fabrics supplier for the Grand Atelier.