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visual Kids Carnival 2014

La Biennale

Grand Atelier for costume making

Sweet Creations – the Grand Atelier of the Biennale
A workshop for children… of all ages!

This is the creative costume workshop held in the spaces of Ca’ Giustinian, where anyone can make costume parts for Carnival using fabrics and a variety of new and recycled materials, to encourage the collaboration between adults and children.With the help of our staff anyone can wear an original sweet accessory!

The workshop is held in collaboration with costume-maker and set designer Danièle Sulewic, students and teachers from the Liceo Artistico Michelangelo Guggenheim of Venice.

22, 23 February, 1, 2 March  10 am > 6 pm
27 February and 4 March  3 pm > 6 pm

Special thanks to Rubelli, Official textiles Supplier for the Grand Atelier of the Biennale