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visual Kids Carnival 2014

La Biennale

National Participations

Giardini (Central Pavilion)

The murga of Rio de la Plata

The Embassy of Argentina in Italy presents a workshop to participate in the production of a murga, a typical carnival custom in the area of Rio de la Plata (Buenos Aires and Montevideo). This is an integrated performance that combines dance, music, picaresque words and costumes. The history of the murga is as ancient as the tradition of Carnival in Rio de la Plata, and is rooted in the earliest celebrations in which the African slaves could also participate. In 1850, the first official Carnival was organized, with the aristocrats joining the celebrations, and in the early twentieth century Carnival was revitalized by the arrival of the Spanish and Italian immigrants, who went out on the streets with their milk carts decorated like coaches. In recent years the murga has become independent of Carnival and may now be seen year round. The workshop will begin by describing and explaining (with the use of video material) the many different ways of celebrating Carnival in Argentina, and will end with the production – coordinated by two teachers, one for music and one for dance – of an actual murga.

Outer Space – Robot Factory, Rocket Launch and Dance of the Planets

Have you ever been to Outer Space? Do you want to be an astronaut? With a few facts and a little bit of fantasy we can explore the universe together. Artists and scientists are often influenced by one another. Scientific and technological discoveries have found their way into the work of artists, while the visionary ideas and designs of artists have inspired science. From robots to rockets and planets that dance, your imagination can travel farther than a space ship moving at the speed of light. Join us to discover a galaxy of ideas, with the Drawing Research Lab! A project by the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundeskunsthalle) as a small preview for the Venice Biennale of the upcoming show ‘Outer Space. Between Art and Science’ that will open in October 2014 in Bonn. Sponsored by the Embassy of Germany in Rome. In cooperation with the German Study Centre in Venice and the project “Deutschwagen – Vieni con noi” of the Goethe Institute Italy and the DAAD.

Honey, sugar and salt

Inspired by Romanian fairy tales, the performance “Honey, sugar and salt” is for everybody, but most of all for children, who will learn greater appreciation of moral values and human sentiment: honesty, sincerity, labour and perseverance. In addition to the theatre performances, Romania will also participate in the Kids’ Carnival with a series of creative workshops entitled “The little puppeteers”. The kids will be given stylized elements deriving from objects typical of the Romanian tradition, which they will recompose into dolls and puppets. The event is organized by the Romanian Cultural and Humanistic Research Institute of Venice and the “Gong” Theatre Sibiu for Children and Youth, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute of Bucarest.

United States of America
Through the Looking Glass

at first there was the Fairy Tale. And there will always be. Paul Valéry
The imaginary settings of fairy tales will be the opportunity to introduce some of the experiments in set design from twentiethcentury theatre: the innovative Futurist and Dada set designs, the incredible costumes by Picasso and Shlemmer, the puppets and circuses by Klee and Calder. The children will be work on making a fantastic collective atmosphere and will discover the world of theatre and fairy tales using a magic device such as a mirror, the intermediary between two worlds and two ways of being, often found in imaginary, fairy-tale and poetic contexts. Guillaume Apollinaire once said: “The bond between costume, set design and choreography gave birth to a certain kind of Surrealism as the expression of a new spirit, and will transform the arts into universal joy”. The programme for the United States of America is made possible by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.