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visual Kids Carnival 2014

La Biennale

School Mornings

Giardini (Central Pavilion)
All the workshops are held by our specialized teaching staff who will be assisted, as part of an educational experience, by students from the upper secondary schools.
Reservation required

Musical / Sensory workshop
Dedicated to primary schools (4th and 5th grades) and lower secondary schools.
“The taste of sound, the movement of smell” will characterize the expressive activities workshop, with a focus on gesture, sign, and the speaking and singing voice; it will be a sound platform to experiment with sound and gesture by means of touch, smell and sight. The participants will be asked to compose an original musical score based on their sensory experimentation with the visual and olfactory stimuli placed at their disposition.

Artistic hands-on workshop
Dedicated to preschool and elementary school children.
“Once upon a time …”: the children will be involved in the creation of a story, inspired by the characters in fairy tales: the hunter, little red riding hood, the wolf, the bunny, etc. will be the main characters in new adventures, bringing to life unexpected new scenarios to stimulate creativity and the imagination. The workshop will also include the construction of a Cookie Cottage using pop-ups, in which the stories in the fairy tales will be expressed in a mix of drawings, collages and three-dimensional figures.

Interactive / animated workshop
Dedicated to preschool and elementary school children.
“Traveling to the Cookie Cottage”: a traveling workshop focusing on spatial perception and body expression. A journey across the fairy-tale spaces of the Carnival in which we move and observe the world from a different point of view, in which the children will be personally involved in the production of interactive performances. An imaginary and fantastic journey through the magical spaces of the Central Pavilion.

Multimedia workshop
Dedicated to elementary schools (4th and 5th grades) and to lower secondary schools.
“The technological house”: the kids will experiment with multimedia in the elaboration of visual and sound stimuli. The workshop will include the use of instruments such as computers, digital cameras, webcams, tools conceived to make the students interact with the languages of fairytales and fantasy from a new point of view.

Hands-on costume workshop
Dedicated to preschool, elementary school and lower secondary schools.
Simple and recycled materials will provide inspiration for the creation of masks and accessories; children and young teens will have fun re-creating the characters from the most popular fairy tales, alternating red green and blue capes and riding hoods!
Held in collaboration with the Cooperativa Sociale Onlus Il Cerchio

Visit to the Biennale-ASAC Library space
Dedicated to art schools and upper secondary schools.
A dedicated tour to visit the study, consultation and research areas with focuses on the collection by the specialized personnel and librarians of the Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts.

Workshops organized by participating Countries

Music, dance and art workshop
Dedicated to elementary schools and lower secondary schools.
The kids, led and accompanied by two teachers, will learn to build a drum with recycled materials, will design the typical costumes of the “murgueros”, will learn to decorate and paint the instruments and the costumes, will learn the basic dance steps and the first notes of the exciting “murguero” rhythm, and finally, at the end of the workshop, will stage a real “murguera” show.

Creative workshop “Outer space – an interstellar encounter”
Dedicated to elementary schools (2nd cycle) and to lower secondary schools.
What fantastical flying objects can be found whizzing through outer space? Our space exploration consists of three phases. In phase one we will teach you how to build a robot that can draw. Phase two: we will receive signals from space through our left hand and we transform them into drawings. Next we will make space helmets and masks that will help us decipher these signals. Phase three: we will have to find a communal language. Let’s try and understand each other with a dance. Mission accomplished!
Feat. Drawing Research Lab. In collaboration with the project
“Deutschwagen – Vieni con noi” by the Goethe-Institut Italia and the DAAD.

Artistic hands-on workshop
Dedicated to elementary schools.
Using traditional Romanian elements (wooden spoons, spools, textiles) in the Romanian spaces the kids will receive stylized elements from the country’s traditional costumes, which they will recompose into dolls and puppets. Then, with the group of puppeteers from the “Gong” Theatre Sibiu they will create little scenes using the puppets they made themselves during the workshops.
This workshop is held in collaboration with the Romanian Institute of Venice and the Gong Theatre of Sibiu-Romania.

Workshops organized by the Institutions

Conservatory “Benedetto Marcello” of Venice
Musical workshop “The dangerous kitchen”

Dedicated to preschool and elementary schools
Exercises in exploration and musical creation to discover the art of communicating with sounds.
Workshop held in collaboration with the teachers and students of the “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory of Venice.
24, 25 AND 26 FEBRUARY

Reading and Storytelling workshop –
“Fairy Tales, Human Rights and Cookies”

Dedicated to Elementary Schools (2nd Cycle)
There is a character with a basket under his arm full of books … but who is he? He is a story-monger, a reader in search of little stories that are both amazing and amusing. Stories about animals with vices and virtues that remind us of men. Stories of acceptance in different worlds and ways, a metaphor for the young audience. Stories filled with colours, stories of friendship and play. Stories of human rights.
With Susi Danesin and Gaetano Ruocco Guadagno.
This reading and storytelling workshop is held in collaboration with the “Il libro con gli stivali” theatre group. Each workshop lasts 50 minutes.

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)
Reading, storytelling, active game-playing, food and drawing workshop

Dedicated to elementary schools
Defying hurricanes, war and drought to get the food there on time. The United Nations’ greatest agency, the World Food Programme, invites you to become part of its team of humanitarian workers. What food should we bring? How? To whom? And who needs it most? Speed is of the essence! A story and many actions with you at the centre, and at the end of the mission, the well-deserved medal of the WFP team. Come see us at the Central Pavilion!
Workshops for nursery schools are available, with programmes to be agreed upon at the moment of reservation.