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Cinema Accreditation

Cinema accreditation is exclusively reserved to those who operate within the film sector under a cultural profile:
  • University lecturers or researchers involved in teaching or researching subjects related to film;
  • Teachers of public schools teaching film studies, whose request must be accompanied by up-to-date documentation of the subjects taught and by a letter from the head teacher;
  • University students, with priority for whom is attending courses in the theory and history of film at Italian or foreign universities, presented by their teacher;
  • Main representatives of major national film associations;
  • Head of or close collaborators of cultural associations producing detailed evidence of their film activity;
  • Heads of publishing companies with specific editorial interest in the field of cinema;
  • Heads of Italian and foreign cultural institutions;
  • Heads of public and local cultural administration.  
Requests which do not fit into the above categories will not be considered.
All requests must be accompanied by detailed and up-to-date documentation indicating the applicant’s specific relation to film.
Requests which have simultaneously been sent to other accreditation offices asking for other categories of accreditation (Press and Industry), will not be considered.
Deadline: Wednesday, 13rd July 2016.
Badges are issued at the full discretion of the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia, taking into account the regulations for accreditation and the limited number of available seats.
CINEMA ACCREDITATION and its advantages
Cinema accreditation can only be requested by those working within a cultural field concerned with film and fitting one of the categories listed in the official regulations.
Registration fee: 80 Euro
Early bird registration fee: 70 Euro
To benefit from the early bird fee you must make the accreditation request by and not later than July   13rd  and the online payment by and no later than 5th August 2016.
The accreditation gives access to the screenings of the Festival according to a strict procedure, offering the possibility to view all the films of the official selection.
The screening schedule will be available on the website from mid-August and in the official programme which will be handed out with the accreditation badge.
The accreditation will be valid for the entire duration of the Festival.
In the environment of the interest that Biennale shows for the young participation, within all its artistic section, the Venice Film Festival will receive requests for accreditation from University students from Italy and from abroad even if they are not attending courses in the theory and history of film.
It will be sufficient make the online request for Cinema accreditation including personal data with a copy of your current  up to date academic transcript or copy in attachment. The original transcript has to be presented when collecting the accreditation pass.
Please note that preference will be given to students attending film-courses and presented by their lecturers. Places are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability.
Registration fee: 80 Euro
Deadline: Saturday 30th July 2016

The formal accreditation request must be made by and no later than Wednesday, 13rd July 2016. This needs to include:
·  request on letterhead paper;
·  number of accreditations requested, complete with names and specific positions of these people within the organisation, company or association;
·  full home address of the applicant (first name, second name, address, telephone and e-mail), or whoever will be the contact throughout the accreditation process;
·  up-to-date documentation of cinematographic activity;
·  for University lecturers and researchers: request on the University letterhead paper, specifying the department and title of the film course being taught, or enclosing up-to-date documentation of research interests;
·  concerning individual students: request on letterhead paper from the University department, signed by the lecturer of the film course.
We remind you that the request has to be accompanied by  the appropriate documentation as outlined by the online procedures.
Where accreditation is granted, the registration office will issue the relevant forms. These must be compiled and returned online by and no later than Friday, 29th July 2016.
Only those requests following the regulations for registration, with the necessary documentation enclosed and received within the official deadline, will be considered.
Badges are issued at the full discretion of Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia.
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