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la Biennale di Venezia
Main Visual Sezione Cinema EN (new)


68th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Marco Müller

31st August > 10th September 2011

Out of Competition

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One day, a young herbalist Xu Xian comes to the mountains and accidentally falls into a lake. The White Snake, in the incarnation of a beautiful lady, comes to his rescue. Her passion for this young man cannot be contained, and with the help of the Green Snake, she ventures into the human world and gets married to Xu Xian. Fahai from Jinshan Temple, whose mission is to subdue demons and slay monsters, arrives in town and detects a touch of evil from the medicine provided by Xu Xian. Xu Xian makes the White Snake drink some sulphur-flower wine during the Dragon Boat Festival, and the lady immediately turns into a big white snake. Fa Hai comes to subdue White Snake but in the confusion, Xu Xian uses a sacred sword and wounds his beloved one. The White Snake escapes with serious injury. Xu Xian is grief-stricken and tries to make a remedy by risking his life to obtain a spirit grass for his wife. Xu Xian gets the grass but is possessed by demons. In order to save him, Fahai keeps him in Jinshan Temple. After taking the spirit grass, the White Snake regains her strength and power and rushes to Jinshan Temple for her husband. She is overcome with rage after failing to enter the Temple. In extreme frenzy, she summons up a flood over the temple causing death and destruction…
2 September 00:00 - Sala Grande OUT OF COMPETITION Baishe chuanshuo (The Sorcerer and the White Snake) by Tony Siu-tung Ching - China-Hong Kong, China, 99'
language: Chinese - s/t English, Italian
Jet Li, Eva Huang, Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi
Director’s Statement
The breath-taking Chinese classic fantasy The White Snake is a wonderful story and I have always wanted to expand it into an epic saga on the big screen. Creativity, imagination and technical support are the essential elements for filming the story. With the recent highly developed CGI technology, I believe that it is time to present the texture and reality of this Chinese fantasy world to the audience. This film is a dynamic blend of romantic fairy tale, sumptuous visuals and kinetic action. While the dazzling action sequences show the skills and essence of traditional Chinese martial arts, the real heart of the film lies in its depiction of unrequited love, heroic righteousness and self-sacrifice. These values are the important expressions of Chinese cultural and spiritual strength.