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69th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Alberto Barbera

29th August > 8th September 2012

Out of Competition

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The documentary consists of an interview held with an enclosed order of nuns to learn about their life and what they think.

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1 September 14:00 - Sala Grande 2 September 15:15 - PalaBiennale OUT OF COMPETITION Clarisse [Special Screenings] by Liliana Cavani - Italy, 21'
language: Italian - s/t English
Director’s Statement
I’d been intrigued about them for quite a while. I wanted to meet a community of Clarissa nuns to understand how they live and what they think. It is a community founded by St. Clare of Assisi. In 1212 she had left the family home in secret to join Francis’s “Fraternitas.” I wanted to film an interview made up of questions but without having rehearsals or preparation of any kind so as not to lose the freshness of improvisation. The interviews took place in front of two cameras, one completely fixed and one for close-ups of the women who gradually opened up to me. Spontaneity and freedom were the hallmark of the interview, hopefully allowing me to understand what kind of people they are and to glimpse any interior vivacity and depth. Right from the start, the six technicians and I were emotionally involved with those adventurous lives.

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