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69th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Alberto Barbera

29th August > 8th September 2012


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The inhabitants of the wild island of Sein on the coast of Brittany witness the departure of the curate, exasperated by the locals’ plundering of shipwrecks and their obstinate refusal to stop sinning. The sexton Thomas, an illiterate fi sherman, gives in to the community and tries to perform the sacerdotal rites in his place, committing a sacrilege. He does his best before the arrival of the new curate but he has to deal with emergencies including a dramatic event: Joseph has killed his mentally ill mother out of pity and hopes for the Church’s absolution.
5 September 17:00 - Sala Volpi 6 September 19:45 - Sala Perla 2 «80!» Dieu a besoin des hommes (God Needs Men) (1950) by Jean Delannoy - France, 100'
language: French - s/t English, Italian

Director’s Statement
It is defi nitely one of the most important fi lms I have made because of the spiritual episodes that animate it. It is not a fi lm that resorts to provocation. It is a work that returns to the origins of Christianity: it expresses a revolutionary power that does not encourage religious conformity or ecclesiastical masks.

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