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69th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Alberto Barbera

29th August > 8th September 2012

Venice Classics

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The film begins and ends in the countryside of Ravenna where Anita Garibaldi’s agony ends. A long flashback reconstructs Garibaldi’s escape in July 1849 after the fall of the Roman Republic. He leads a few thousand volunteers hunted by the French, Bourbon, Pontifical and Austrian troops—it would be the latter, after the defeat and disarming of most of Garibaldi’s men at San Marino, who would hunt down the indomitable survivors, mercilessly shooting them in the Ravenna marshes while Garibaldi, distraught at the death of his beloved companion, miraculously avoids capture and faces a life of exile.
30 August 19:15 - Sala Volpi 31 August 17:00 - Sala Pasinetti VENICE CLASSICS Camicie rosse (1952) by Goffredo Alessandrini, Francesco Rosi - Italy, 99'
language: Italian - s/t English
Anna Magnani, Raf Vallone, Alain Cuny
Note on the restoration
The original negatives are lost. The film was restored on the basis of an inflammable duplicate positive from the same period, found in a French lab and acquired by the Cineteca Nazionale. A series of missing scenes were added based on a positive copy held in the Film Archives. The restoration was carried out entirely using a digital intermediate procedure to create a DCP for D-Cinema.

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