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Venice Film Festival: renovating the Sala Darsena

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03 | 07 | 2014

The President of the Biennale di Venezia, Paolo Baratta, with the Mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, presented the project today which will increase the seating capacity of the Sala Darsena on the Venice Lido from the current 1300 seats to 1409, and will also include the completion of plans to regenerate the surrounding grounds.
The project, funded by the City of Venice in the amount of 6 million euro, is in its early stages and will end at the beginning of August, just in time for the start of the next Venice International Film Festival . “The Sala Darsena, explained Baratta, was built as an arena, with no distinction between the stalls and the balconies: this is a particular configuration which constitutes the real beauty of this theatre and which will be enhanced by the renovation project”. The renovation work will involve the floor, the walls, the projection room and the dropped ceiling, which will conceal a new audio system featuring a high-efficiency three-dimensional effect. A new canopy, supported by slender columns, will be built at the entrance to provide shelter in bad weather. “We firmly believe, continues Baratta, that despite growing competition, the Lido di Venezia continues to be an ideal venue for an international film festival. “The renovation of the Sala Darsena is part of a larger regeneration project of the Lido’s film theatres which will include new restoration projects in coming years, in collaboration with the City of Venice, that will bring the overall seating capacity to a total of 5515 seats. 
“Today we add a new, important piece to the programme that the City Administration initiated some time ago, in collaboration with the Biennale, to renovate the area of the Palazzo del Cinema on the Venice Lido - said the Mayor, Giorgio Orsoni. This is a turning point that we have pursued with determination, conceiving a flexible renovation programme that could advance in phases, confirming the Administration’s resolve to provide modern and efficient structures for the Biennale at the service of an international audience”.
“For the renovation of the former Casinò building, specified Mayor Orsoni in closing, we have moved far forward: at the conclusion of the participated planning process undertaken with the citizens and committees on the Lido, the Administration is now working on a synthesis of the proposals which will lead, when funding methods have been determined, to the realization of new projects on the plaza in front of the Palazzo del Cinema. I hope to see the first signs of construction during this year’s Venice Film Festival”.