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Biennale Cinema 2014: the official application on Google Play and Apple Store

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07 | 24 | 2014

an essential guide for the visitors of the Venice Film Festival

The Direzione Generale per il Cinema of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism is presenting BIENNALE CINEMA 2014, a project coordinated in conjunction with the Venice Biennale, conceived by RAGÙ Communication and aimed at fans of Italian and international film.
Thanks to the success of past editions - right from its first appearance when it won the Web Italia Prize as “Best App of the Year” -, BIENNALE CINEMA 2014, the first institutional application for mobile devices dedicated to the 71st International Film Festival at the Venice Biennale has become an essential guide for the visitors.
With thousands of users already notched up, BIENNALE CINEMA 2014 has earned itself a mention on App Store Essentials as an “App for Film Lovers”. It allows users to take an in-depth look at the whole catalogue of the 71st International Film Festival, extra multimedia content, find out about the history of the Venice Film Festival and its protagonists, buy the mobile ticket for projections, cut out queuing time for entering cinema theatres, receive information for visitors on the tourist services available at the Lido and check out the Venetian locations which have provided the backdrop for memorable film sequences.

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About the contents
Available on GOOGLE PLAY and APP STORE

• Timeline
of the International Film Festival at the Venice Biennale: the winners of the most sought-after awards from 1932 to the present day. The Golden Lion, the Volpi Cup and all the most beautiful images taken from the ASAC, the Historical Archive of the Biennale. 
• Special 71st: all the news on the Venice Film Festival from an in-depth databasefeaturing the biographies of the stars, the plots of the films at this edition, and a handy key word search system.
• Action!: a new way to explore the city. Using this function you can follow the movie-tourist itineraries and experience the excitement of celebrated Venetian film sets with pictures from the National Film Archive – Experimental Cinematography Centre and a video selection of celebrated sequences filmed on the lagoon.
• Lido in mostra: geo-referencing of key sites at the Venice Film Festival and the local services available.
• Mobile Ticket: book and purchase your ticket for all festival films from your device using a credit card. No more queuing; just show the screen of your smartphone or tablet at the entrance and forget all about printing paper tickets. A fast read-off of the barcode received with the purchase confirmation allows you to go straight into the cinema and enjoy the show.
Users can share their favourite films on Facebook.
• Shake: by shaking the iPhone or the iPad users can find out lots of interesting titbits about the Venice Film Festival and big films filmed in Venice.
• Map: find cinemas and consult the programme with an easy search system.
• Multilingual version: Italian and English.
The Apps of the iMiBACT Cinema project, conceived and coordinated by RAGÙ Communication, are promoted by the Direzione Generale per il Cinema of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. The aim is to encourage the development and diffusion of Italian cinema and the Italian film industry as a means of rediscovering Italian cities, starting out from the most famous film sets in a quest to find evocative locations on a cinematic theme.
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