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Selection announced for the 12 projects of the 3rd edition 2014/15

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the first 10-day workshop to be held from October 3 to 13, 2014
08 | 31 | 2014

projects have been submitted from 12 countries

The first 12 projects have been selected for the third edition of Biennale College – Cinema 2014/15, submitted by teams - composed of directors and producers – who will take part in the first 10-day workshop to be held in Venice from October 3rd to 13th 2014. The international Call was launched on May 6th 2014 and brought in submissions from 60 countries.
Biennale College is an innovative and complex experience that integrates all sectors of la Biennale di Venezia.
Biennale College – Cinema is the brainchild of the Biennale di Venezia, which promotes new talents by offering them the opportunity to work closely with master filmmakers in the production of micro-budget films. 3 of these 12 projects will receive support in the amount of 150,000 Euro to make a maximum of 3 feature-length films (debut or second work) to be presented at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival in 2015.
The 12 projects were announced during the press conference which was held today at 12.30 on the Lido di Venezia (Palazzo del Casinò), at the 71st Venice International Film Festival (27th August – 6th September 2014), directed by Alberto Barbera and organized by the Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta.
The 12 projects selected for the first phase of Biennale College – Cinema are:
· Baby Bump - Kuba Czekaj (director, Poland), Madgadalena Kaminska (producer, Poland)
· Be Wildebeest - Simon Price (director, New Zealand), Georgina Allison-Conder (producer, New Zealand)
· Blanka - Kohki Hasei (director, Japan), Flaminio Zandra (producer, Italy)
· Fazenda Do Riberão Do Qüeba - Helvecio Marins Jr. (director, Brazil), Eliane Ferreira (producer, Brazil)
· Guarda in alto Fulvio Risuleo (director, Italy), Donatello Della Pepa (producer, Italy)
· La Mujer Despierta- Martin Morgenfeld (director, Argentina), Melanie Shapiro (producer, Argentina)
· Peacock Lamenting - Sanjeewa Pushpakumara (director, Sri Lanka), Antonin Dedet (producer, France)
· The Drunk - André Marques (director, Portugal), Rodrigo Areias (producer, Portugal)
· The Father - Kristina Grozeva (director, Bulgaria), Petar Valchanov (producer, Bulgaria)
· The Fits - Anna Rose Holmer (director, USA), Lisa Kjerulff (producer, USA)
· There Was Las Vegas - Alexandre Castres (director, France), Elie Meirovitz (producer, France)
· Through And Through - Eleanor Burke (director, Great Britain), Ron Eyal (director, USA), Lucas Joaquin (producer, USA)
The 12 projects were selected by the Director of Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera, with the help of the Biennale College – Cinema team, and will be documented on the website
At the close of the first workshop, which will be held in Venice from October 3rd to 13th 2014, 3 teams will be invited to participate in two successive workshops, to be held in Venice from December 3rd to 6th 2014 and January 10th to 14th 2015, after which production will begin on 3 feature length films (debut or second films), which must be low-cost, will receive support in the amount of 150,000 Euro, and will be presented at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival in 2015.
Biennale College – Cinema, organized by the Biennale di Venezia, is supported by the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities – General Direction Cinema, and by the Regione del Veneto. Biennale College – Cinema relies on the academic collaboration of the IFP in New York, of the Dubai International Film Festival, the TorinoFilmLab, and the Busan International Film Festival. The Director is Alberto Barbera, the Head of Programme Savina Neirotti.
• The first edition of Biennale College - Cinema 2012/13 closed at the 70th Venice Film Festival in 2013 with the screenings of the three films: Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit (director, Thailand) and Aditya Assarat (producer, Thailand); Memphis - Tim Sutton (director, USA) and John Baker (producer, USA); Yuri Esposito - Alessio Fava (director, Italy) and Max Chicco (producer, Italy).
• The second edition of Biennale College – Cinema 2013/14 closed at the 71st Venice Film Festival 2014 with the screening of the three films: Blood Cells by Joseph Bull (director, Great Britain), Luke Seomore (director, Great Britain), Samm Haillay (producer, Great Britain), Ben Young (producer, Great Britain); H. by Rania Attieh (director, Lebanon), Daniel Garcia (director, USA), Shruti Rya Ganguly (producer, India), Pierce Varous (producer, USA); Short Skin by Duccio Chiarini (director, Italy), Babak Jalali (producer, Iran/Great Britain).