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la Biennale di Venezia
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Technical Specifications and Requirements for the submission of DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) for theatrical exhibition at the 73rd Venice Film Festival

Systems at the 73rd Venice Film Festival: All Digital Cinema Systems in use at the 73rd Venice Film Festival (73rd VFF) meet the SMPTE Standards and DCI CTP Compliant Test Plan.

DCP: It is requested to provide two identical DCPs of the same movie, each one supplied on a CRU data port Hard Disk Drive (HDD), by August 19th. Each HDD shall contain only the DCP related to the movie. The Assetmap of the DCP shall include only the CPL required for the theatrical exhibition at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. Each DCP submitted to the 73rd Venice Film Festival should meet the current standard “SMPTE- DCP” or the “Interop-DCP” specifications. No Mixed Format, SMPTE-DCP and Interop-DCP, in the same DCP are accepted. The File name of the DCP should comply with the current Digital Cinema Naming Convention. Only in case of logos or trailers is it possible to accept Flash memory USB or to agree on a FTP transfer service.

Soundtracks: Accepted soundtracks are 5.1 and 7.1 Channel-Based. “Object Audio” must be authorized in advance by the Director of the 73rd VFF.

Media Drive & Interface: Each DCP must be supplied on a 3.5” Media Drive HDD in an industry CRU carrier with external power supply (220V) + all interface cables. Each Media Drive should support eSATA 6G and/or USB3/USB2 data interface. The File System for CRU 3.5” media drives should be EXT3 Linux or EXT2 Linux . Each CRU HDD should be supplied in a dedicated safety packaging, and be labeled using current Digital Cinema Naming Convention.

Media drive & DCP Technical Form: The safety packaging used to supply the Media Drives must include the DCP TECHNICAL FORM provided by the 73rd VFF. The DCP Technical Form must be precisely, editorially and technically, compiled and verified by the organization that will submit the movie to the 73rd VFF.

QC&V (Quality Control & Verification): In order to achieve the best possible Sound & Vision Quality Experience in the theaters of the 73rd VFF, before being delivered to us, each DCP must first be verified and validated by the organization that submits the movie to the 73rd VFF. QC&V should include image quality, picture format, audio quality and format, on-screen and off-screen subtitles, interoperability and compliance with SMPTE-DCP standards or Interop-DCP specifications, CRU HDD integrity and compatibility, data and asset integrity, brightness and color space in case of 3D, etc. The results of this QC&V should be reported in the DCP Technical Form and be included in the safety packaging used to deliver the physical media to the 73rd VFF.

IC (Interoperability Control): Each DCP delivered on time to the 73rd VFF will be verified regarding its interoperability and compliance with the DCP Technical Specifications and Requirements. This verification does not replace the QC&V but is necessary to prepare the PCF (Project Configuration File) and thus program the DCP correctly for the theatrical exhibition at the 73rd VFF. Problems of non compliant DCPs cannot be solved at the 73rd VFF.

On-Screen Subtitles: The 73rd VFF requires that Italian (English for Italian movies) On-Screen Subtitles be delivered as burned into the picture. If delivered as XML File Format embedded in the DCP, and/or as DCP Supplemental Package, it is your responsibility to have them in sync (Timed Text) with each frame of the entire movie and be positioned in the active area of the projected image format. XML File Format should be compliant with the SMPTE-DCP Standard or the Interop-DCP specifications.

Off-Screen Subtitles (English): These will appear on a separate screen under the main screen. The file must be delivered on separate media such as an Optical Disk. These subtitles must be in sync (Timed Text) with on-screen subtitles and therefore have the same frame rate. We require that you send a 100% identical DVD and the lists of subtitles with Time Code - both in Italian and English - by August 19th , 2016. Off-Screen Subtitles for 3D Stereoscopic DCP are not accepted.

KDM: If you deliver encrypted DCPs, we require that the validity of the KDMs includes the day the DCPs arrive at 73rd VFF (not after August 19th) till September 11th, 2016. The KDMs shall be valid for all the Servers/IMB/Media Blocks in use at 73rd VFF. The list will be available on request. Please deliver KDMs to the Cinema Department of La Biennale ( and cc to Angelo D’Alessio ( If an automatic upload or download service for KDMs is available the Cinema Department of the 73rd VFF must be made aware at once. Please never send KDMs in zipped folders.
Note: If the validity of KDMs will not be compliant with the above requests, the 73rd VFF will be unable to perform the IC and prepare the PCF. As a result, it will not be possible to plan the DCP for the theatrical exhibition at the 73rd VFF.

Intermission: If the DCP requires an Intermission (separation of the movie in two or more parts), the DCP should be made accordingly by the DCP Encoding Lab. Any intermission must be first authorized by the Director of the 73rd VFF and must be clearly indicated in the DCP Technical Form and CPLs of the DCP.
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