la Biennale di Venezia
Main Visual Sezione Danza EN (new)


Gospel According to Saint Matthew

a journey through glances, faces and gestures of 200 performers

4 – 6 July 2014
Teatro alle Tese
1.  Teaching
Veneto / Venezia

A group of blind performers reflects with dancers on the meaning of the transmission of gesture.


2.  Resurrection
Veneto / Venezia

The impetuous outburst of eleven teenagers, fragmented into different dynamic forms, provides the rhythm for the rejoicing of the Resurrection.


3.  Temptations / Jesus in the Desert
Puglia / Veneto

A dancer from Puglia inhabits the temptations thrust upon Christ in the desert with a group of children from the Veneto region.


4.  Pietà
Veneto / Venezia

Three men and three women, united in duets, experiment with infinite ways of deposing a body in the Pietà.


5.  Gethsemane
Veneto / Venezia

Six performers embody the sense of abandonment that Christ felt in the Garden of Olives, in the moments preceding his capture.


6.  Pietà
Toscana / Firenze

A man and a woman compose a Deposition in which the abandon of the deposed body meets the desire of the other to become its support.


7.  The Canaanite Woman
Toscana / Firenze

A dancer explores the plea for a miracle through the body of a girl from the Orient.


8.  Healing
Emilia Romagna / Reggio Emilia

A very young dancer experiments with a lame body awaiting the touch of Christ that will lead her to be healed.


9.  Crucifixion
Veneto / Venezia


11 – 13 July 2014
Teatro alle Tese
10.  Crucifixion
Emilia Romagna / Carpi

Forty-three members of the chorus from Carpi give body and voice to the crucial moment of the Passion, in the slow ascent to Mount Golgotha.


11.  The Last Supper
Trentino / Rovereto

From the Trentino thirteen performers, men and women of all ages, meet to enact the dismay of the disciples in the Last Supper.


12.  Flight into Egypt
Puglia / Taranto

An adagio with six women from Taranto traces the slow composition of the entreaty to flee to Egypt, spoken by the angel to Joseph.


13.  Beatitudes
Puglia / Pezze di Greco

Four women from Pezze di Greco inhabit the Beatitudes through the gestures of an ancient tradition of the Puglia region, the ‘filatura’ of tomatoes.


14.  Baptism
Veneto / Venezia

A quartet formed of one man and three women explores the slow trickle of water on the forehead and body of Christ after his baptism.


15.  Annunciation of the angel to Joseph
Toscana / Firenze

A man discovers the body and image of a woman in giving new substance to Joseph’s dream.


16.  Annunciation of the angel to Joseph
Trentino / Rovereto

A man and a woman evoke Joseph’s dispelled concerns after the Angel’s annunciation of the coming of the Nazarene.


17.  Pietà_Deposition
Toscana / Firenze

A male and a female dancer find infinite ways of studying and visiting one another in the falling of a Deposition.


18.  Pietà_Deposition
Toscana / Firenze

A couple of dancers meet in a slow deposition, in which the man and the woman continually exchange roles.


19. Entry into Jerusalem
Veneto / Venezia

Nine women lay their robes on the ground to build the ceremony for the entry of Christ into Jerusalem.


17, 18 July 2014
Teatro alle Tese
20.  Supper at Bethany
Basilicata / Matera

Six men and two women from Matera give other bodies to the gesture of offering made by a woman towards the body of Christ during his visit to Bethany.


21.  Pietà
Veneto / Venezia

Five couples of mothers and sons from different generations re-negotiate their daily roles in their presentation of the iconography of the Pietà in painting.


22.  Deposition
Toscana / Camerun

Three men and a woman create a community around the body in Deposition of a Christ from Cameroon.


23.  The Magi
Veneto / Venezia

Four Venetian lace-makers recall, in the time of an adagio, the symbolic offering made to Christ by the Magi.


24.  Flagellation
Basilicata / Matera

Four performers from Matera use the gesture of striking to turn the Flagellation into an experience of learning to know the Other.


25.  Burial
Basilicata / Matera

Two young women accompany the body of an elderly man in a shroud to represent the phases of the Burial of Christ.


26.  Deposition in the Dark
Toscana / Firenze

A blind dancer builds a cycle of maps that explore the space in a solitary deposition onto the ground.


27.  Poverty
Toscana / Firenze

A female dancer meditates on the meaning of wealth in the attempt to assimilate the folds and possibilities of an elderly body as her own.