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Prima Danza


Intended for:
Choreographer/performers or choreographers with their own dance company, between the ages of 18 and 35 years
with previous experience in dance techniques, in particular contemporary dance.
Course for the creation of a choreographic work
This project intends to create an experience that explores the practice of dance, in association with a cycle of reflections with artists, scholars and philosophers. The daily transition from the group dimension in the morning, with practice and listening, to the creative phase in the afternoon, will ensure constant verification of the process leading to the creation of a choreography. The selected choreographers will be offered a space for creation, which will be shared concurrently by two experiences.
This shared experience will give life to a choreographic diptych, which will be presented in a performance open to the public.

The two phases of study and creation will take place within venues that will be opened to the public during the final phase: the different projects must seek a strong cohesion with the nature of the spaces by developing the organic connection of each space with the body, the architecture and the light.

The course will take place in Venice over two periods:
2-15 May
17-30 June

The schedule will include:
mornings: lessons in technique with teachers and meetings with scholars, philosophers, artists;
afternoons: the creative personal phase.

The final phase will entail the presentation in Venice of the creative process, with a performance open to the public.