La bambola di carne
Venice - London - Stockholm, 21,22 June 2008 - 28 October 2008 - 9,10 October 2009

9-10 October 2009
Dansens Hus, Stockholm
Letizia Renzini
La Bambola di Carne
from the film Die Puppe by Ernst Lubitsh (USA / Germany, 1919)
choreography Marina Giovannini
video and sonorization Letizia Renzini
cast Marina Giovannini, Letizia Renzini
video and voice Sabina Meyer
set designer Paolo Fiumi
costume designer Giulia Pecorari
video compositing and animation Gregory Petitqueux
technician Saverio Damiani
production La Biennale di Venezia, Dance Umbrella (London)
within the ENPARTS project – European Network of Performing Arts
executive production Teatro Fondamenta Nuove
in collaboration with Comune di Venezia – Assessorato alla Produzione Culturale, Goethe Institut – Rom, ISR – Spazio Culturale Svizzero di Venezia
supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union

La Bambola di Carne
Die Puppe (1919), Lubitsch’s famous film, expressing the most light-hearted side of expressionism, tells the tale of Ossie and of his double, a mechanical doll. The artificial creature, the double, the psychoanalytical fable are the main features of the film, which in the performance are reprocessed in video and become the counterpoint, the score and background in the relationship with the performers: Letizia Renzini, electronics and voice; Sabina Meyer, voice; and Marina Giovannini, dance.

The two virtual dolls of the film are joined by the three “flesh dolls” on stage. An experimental project given its world premiere at La Biennale di Venezia as part of ENPARTS (European Network of Performing Arts); it will subsequently be performed at the Dance Umbrella in London, as this festival is co-producing the show.

The creator of the performance, the dee-jay, videoartist and performer Letizia Renzini works with sound and images focusing her exploration on the difference between analogical and digital and on the expressive and evocative potential of sound, voice and body in relation to contexts. The author of exhibitions, installations and performances which lead her to interact with artists working in different disciplines, Letizia Renzini has collaborated with Ikue Mori, David Moss, Phil Minton, Virgilio Sieni, Marina Rosenfeld, Romeo Castellucci, to name only a few. With her are Marina Giovannini, a former solo dancer with the Balletto di Toscana (1989-1992) and later with the Virgilio Sieni company, and vocalist Sabina Meyer, who is active in the field of musical experimentation between improvisation and electro-acoustic music on one hand, and classical or contemporary-derived writing on the other.

La Bambola di Carne, an experimental project in “media polyphony” was conceived within the context of the European Network of Performing Arts (ENPARTS), a network of cultural relations built by the Venice Biennale and its live performance sections, involving six European dance, music and theatre festivals with the objective of developing performance and educational projects over a five-year period. The ENPARTS project begins this year with the co-production of three performances that will be presented in each of the European venues of the entities and festivals involved.
La Bambola di Carne, a joint project of the Venice Biennale and Dance Umbrella, the historic festival of contemporary dance in London, was presented in its world premiere performance on 21-22 June 2008 during the Venice Biennale's 6th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, and was performed again in London on 28 October 2008.