The Electric Body
Venice, 22 September > 2 October 2009

The first ENPARTS campus was held from September 22nd to October 2nd 2009 in Venice. It was a creative music, theatre and dance workshop aimed at selected young European artists.

Only the experience of creation truly fosters artistic growth and maturity. Practical experience becomes even more important in the interaction between different disciplines: the semantic horizons of each discipline create complex relationships that must be experienced through direct perception.

In addition, it is important to expose artists to operational methodologies from different educational, cultural and experiential backgrounds. Often artists have limited skills in disciplines other than their own which can make multi-disciplinary collaborations and, therefore, coherence within a piece of work difficult.

The underlying idea of the Creative Workshop is to make available to  young artists the spaces and means to elaborate inter-disciplinary projects together. It is also important to bring artistic research back into a wider cultural debate; be it anthropological, philosophical, political or technological.

Creative work and research occurred in teams of two to four artists and culminated in the production of a certain number of études that were presented within the 53rd International Festival of Contemporary Music of La Biennale di Venezia as workshops or inserted into official Festival events.

The work of the young artists was coordinated by a staff of artists in residence at the Biennale and enriched by master classes given by world renowned guest professionals.

The project was coherently integrated with the themes of the 2009 edition of the Biennale Musica, the title of which is The Body Of Sound, associated with the centenary of the Futurist Manifesto of 1909. For this reason the proposed theme is The Electric Body.

A century ago Futurism brought to light fundamental contradictions regarding the place of man in the context of a world invaded by machines.
Velocity, electricity, simultaneity, saturation, noise, media, loss of real body in favour of virtual experience, are all consequences of the new space/time coordinates coming from the progressive substitution of a humanistic culture with one based on teknè. After one hundred years these futurist provocations are at the centre of our daily lives.

Contemporary man is lost in the terrifying and fascinating maelstrom that has been created by the separation of energy from the body that generated it. Man must conquer enough space to keep alive a possibility/utopia of a human community: “the always menaced space of liberty between the animal and the machine” (Heiner Muller, 1983).

Young artists were invited to present interdisciplinary projects and ideas based on these themes through a call for projects.

Collaborative projects by two or more artists from different disciplines are particularly welcome. The selection is addressed to composers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, directors, actors, set designers, video makers, photographers, and playwrights.
The main themes to be pursued are:
- Body and electricity
- Futurism
- Venice and overseas bodies (ethnicities, different cultures, explorations, commerce, wars)
- Factories: from the Arsenale (ships) to Mestre and Marghera. Man’s work through his gestures
  and  sounds
- Trance and ex-stasis: separations from the body
Luca Francesconi 
Campus dates: September 22nd – October 2nd, 2009
Final performance: October 2nd, public event at Teatro alle Tese, 10 p.m.
Location: Teatro JunghansGiudecca – Venice /
Curator: Luca Francesconi
Artistic Coordinator: Ismael Ivo
Number of participants: 12 selected participants
Selection of participants:
a) selection criteria: age, artistic background, language skills, artistic sectors, etc.
b) call opens: May 4th
c) deadline for applications: May 30th
d) selection dates: June 23rd