Body Is What Remains
Belgrade, 14 > 27 June 2010

As a partner in the ENPARTS project, Bitef Theatre organized an art workshop called Body is what remains that was held in Belgrade from 14th to 27th June 2010.
The first art workshop within the ENPARTS project, titled The Electric Body, was held in Venice in 2009. This second one aimed at establishing the cooperation between artists from various European countries who would work together in order to develop a chosen topic.
This year’s campus was thematically connected to the nineties, the Balkan conflicts and the collapse of former Yugoslavia or, to be more precise, it explored the topic of body in war conflicts and in the period of transition – the period in which the country moves from one social system to another – from communism to capitalism.
The workshop, in the broadest sense, dealt with the topic of human freedom and the lack of it, as well as with the level to which one is preconditioned with political, social and economic mechanisms within which one lives.
After any conflict, after any discourse, after any thought … body is what remains.
Body full or hungry, aggressive or motionless, free or limited…
The topics of the workshop:
1)      Body in war conflicts
2)      Body in isolation
3)      Body of rave and deceptive freedom
Campus was held in Belgrade (Serbia). Working language: English.
The call for participation was open for directors, choreographers, dancers, composers, actors, musicians, video artists and multimedia artists.
There is no cost to the participants for attending the campus (all the costs, including travel, accommodation and the participation fees, are covered by the ENPARTS project).
Call opening: 4th February 2010
Deadline for application: 10th March
Selection date: 22nd March
Preparatory meeting: 22nd – 24th April 2010
Campus dates: 14th – 27th June
Final Performance: 26th June
Discussion: 27th June
Artistic coordinator: Gorcin Stojanovic
Participants to be selected: 20