Le Savali: Berlin
Berlin, 6-8-9 October 2011

Lemi Ponifasio (New Zealand)
Le Savali: Berlin
6-8-9 October 2011
Spielzeit’europa | Berliner Festspiele, Berlin
concept, stage, choreography, direction, sound design and music direction Lemi Ponifasio, Light Helen Todd
composition Fabrizio Cassol with MAU Company (Samoa / New Zealand / Kiribati)
in co-operation with Performers, dancers, musicians and a choir from Berlin Musicians
Xell (Oboe, Gaida)
Simon Jakob Drees (Violin)
Vladimir Karparov (Saxophone)
Silke Lange (Accordion)
Yann Metzmacher (Violin)
Horst Nonnenmacher (Contrabass)
Levent Yildirim (Percussion)
Commissioned by Spielzeit’europa | Berliner Festspiele
With the support of ENPARTS – European Network of Performing Arts, as part of the Culture programme of the European Commission
Le Savali is the Samoan word for a journey that emphasises a polyphonic message, a common interest and a sense of belonging. Le Savali means moving forward, a process, mostly linked with a several days or weeks journey that you make to convey a message or to show strength or unity. It is an invitation for people to come together to raise their voice. It is an appeal for physical presence showing where you stand and where you come from. Le Savali: Berlin deals with the city as middle place, as place between life and death, as transformation and mutability place, as fragile threshold of identities, populations and governments. Le Savali: Berlin opens the past and future of the city, opens them in their division between life space and memorial site or grave. It is a way to design and hide the political, social and cultural conditions of the empire and the city.