Day Watch and Night Watch 1 & 2

DAY WATCH and NIGHT WATCH 1 & 2 are a set-up of choreographies of habitat and perception – conceived, produced and staged as correlated content/spaces/events to the WEAVING POLITICS symposium at Dansens Hus, December 2012 - see www.weavingpolitics.se.
DAY WATCH and NIGHT WATCH are to be presented as autonomous events and/or in correlation to other events - available for throughout 2014 2015.

DAY WATCH converts a black-box stage into a black velvet lounge, which also is a bookstore, and a screening space - open to the public from 9 am until 9 pm. The bookstore sells a number of specifically selected titles of dance, performance, philosophy and critical theory. The bookshelves are in metal and fulfill a set- and light-design function (relating to the visual art work of Mona Hatoum) - the floor is covered by silencing black velvet - the chairs and sofas are black and comfortable, as are a number of green stools. The film cloth is projected over a large screen covering one entire sidewall of the space. The imagery under is projected by a digital screen horizontally hanging from the ceiling - parallel to the floor, one meter off the floor. In order to watch cloth people need to squint their eyes/gaze (being the image too wide and large to be comfortably perceived) and in order to watch under people must laid down on the floor (under the screen) one or two at the time, whilst wearing sound-cancelling earphones, which void the image of sound. The space is dark and quiet, to the sound of cloth soundtrack, and of audiences chatting. Audiences and occasional passers-by are invited to enter the space, take a seat or walk about, check the books, read and/or purchase a title, perceive the imagery, touch about, reflect for a moment, rest and recharge – or just hang about – sleep for a while, or dance a bit.

DAY WATCH set-up Cristina Caprioli / Tina Eriksson Fredriksson / Ulla West
Lights and technique Tobias Hallgren / Lumination

NIGHT WATCH enters the DAY WATCH space at night-time and there dwells itself choreographically within the frames of other choreographies and inscribes itself in the habitat and circumstantial mood of the DAY WATCH event. Main purpose of this dwelling/inscribing within the given is to endure choreography as a participatory event of both entering and re-describing, by which one may inscribe oneself within and at the same time rewrite the given. Crucial thematic of this work are the questions of writing versus reading, and of speaking versus listening – of how to watch and perceive, whether by accident or purposefully. The mixture of medias and gestures is meant to provide for reciprocity of senses and sensations – and to allow for choreography to propose a productive exchange of sight- and thought-provoking discourse.
NIGHT WATCH was presented as two differing events, each referring to one specific writer’s writings - and to one specific choreographic frame.