Musik der Jahrhunderte

Musik der Jahrhunderte encourages the new, surprising, and the insecure in music. Its goal is to place contemporary music successfully in public cultural life and prepare the ground for the art of the 21st century. In so doing, it moves mostly in unknown territory: numerous world premières dominate the program every year.
Festivals, concert series and specialist ensembles
Musik der Jahrhunderte organizes the international music festivals ECLAT and “Summer in Stuttgart” and is otherwise prominent in Stuttgart’s cultural agenda with outstanding concerts and music theater productions. In addition, Musik der Jahrhunderte is responsible for the management of the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and the organisation of “Netzwerk Süd”, an education program with contemporary music in Stuttgart Metropolitain Region.

“Think Tank” Pragsattel: a place for creativity and innovation
The seat of Musik der Jahrhunderte is the Theaterhaus on Stuttgart’s Pragsattel, one of the largest performance venues in Germany. Music theater, concert series, festivals, the interaction of differing art forms, courses, workshops and podiums make the Theaterhaus Pragsattel a center of innovation in Europe: a think-tank, laboratory and creative pool for new music.