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Projects selected for the Biennale College - Music

Four projects have been selected for admittance to the first phase of the Biennale College – Music:  a series of master classes that will take place during the 57th International Contemporary Music Festival of the Biennale di Venezia (4 > 13 October), the first step in guiding them towards the actual production of a short low-budget chamber opera.
The 4 projects will be produced, and presented next year as part of the 58th International Contemporary Music Festival directed by Ivan Fedele and organized by the Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta.
The 4 projects, selected at the close of an international call, are:
· Tre cose (a caso) sull’amore – Claudio Gay (music), Chiara Passaniti (director), Laura Tassi (libretto), Tommaso Osnaghi (scenography): at the centre of the opera there is a she, a he and an analyst, in short the relationship between a couple observed by a third party, in a world in which the media and the social networks delude us into believing that we are weaving a wide web of relationships whereas they do nothing but increase our inability to forge true relationships.
· O-X-A Accursio Cortese (music), Orlando Di Marca (libretto and director), Isabella Terruso (scenography): the “by” in the title refers not only to current teenage slang, but also to the wooden cross that the puppet-master uses to move his puppets, whereas the letters O and A refer to the two heroes, Orlando and Angelica, who are transformed into Arlecchino and Smeraldina in a shift from the tradition of the Sicilian ‘pupi’ to the commedia dell’arte, from the Orlando Furioso to the Servant of Two Masters as conceived by Goldoni.
· MagenZeit Opera – Gabriele Cosmi (music), Michelangelo Zeno (libretto), Alberto Oliva (director), Marco Ferrara (scenography): inspired by the Weimar Zeitoper, the work presents the battle of the generations in the surreal contrast between the greediness of an obese tyrannical mother and the frailty of a daughter verging on anorexia. In the middle, an ill-fated doctor torn between the two sides, the naïve victim of colossal misunderstandings.
· The Myth of Homo Ruldophensis – Yair Klartag (music), Yael Sherill (libretto), Franziska Guggenbichler (director), Aileen Klein (scenography): at the centre is the absurdly brief existence of Homo Rudolphensis, a species that appeared 2 million years ago in Africa and whom the authors see as infinitely sensitive and honest, and therefore incapable of coexisting with the “homo habilis” who replaced him.
The first phase of the Biennale College – Music for the 4 selected teams (composer, librettist, director, set designer) consists in a series of master classes that will be held in Venice during the 57th International Contemporary Music Festival and more precisely from October 8th to 11th in the Biennale’s Laboratorio delle Arti. The master classes, coordinated by the Director Ivan Fedele, will explore the diverse elements of musical theatre and will be held by: David Moss vocalist and percussionist, Giuliano Corti dramaturge, Giancarlo Cauteruccio director, Ljuba Bergamelli soprano, Jo Bullit performer.
The experience of the Biennale College – Music, like for Cinema, Dance and Theatre, will be described and documented throughout each phase on the thematic channels of Rai Scuola and Rai Educational to acquaint a progressively wider audience with artistic experimentation.
The Fourth Stage, the web pages dedicated to the performing arts sector of the Biennale di Venezia (, which already features a simple “guide to the 57th Festival” in 9 short video-interviews with its protagonists, will illustrate the activities of the Biennale College – Music by following the phases of production for each of the 4 winning projects.
Biennale College is an innovative experience developed by all the Sectors of the Biennale di Venezia, to promote young talents and offer them the opportunity of working directly with masters to develop creations.
Biennale College – Music intends to select, from all over the world, projects for musical theatre lasting no more than 12 minutes on a comical, satirical or surrealistic theme for a 6-instrument ensemble. The projects must be proposed by a team consisting in a composer-librettist-director (it may also include a scenographer). The selected teams will be assisted step by step in the development and production of their new creation, through the various phases of construction and production.