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New schedule for the Sala Grande (4 September)

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09 | 04 | 2014

The discovery of an abandoned bag, which was found today during the usual clean-up operation in the Sala Grande screening theatre at the end of the 2:30 pm screening, has necessitated the evacuation of the staff at the Palazzo del Cinema to allow the appropriate security checks.
The screenings in the Sala Darsena and in the Palazzo del Casinò were held regularly.
After the all-clear, Red Amnesia, the next film scheduled in the Sala Grande, started at 5:45 pm instead of 4:45 pm.
As a consequence, the screening of Pasolini by Abel Ferrara, scheduled for 7:30 pm in the Sala Grande, will take place at 8:30 p.m., while the screening of Burying the Ex by Joe Dante, scheduled for 10:00 pm in the Sala Grande, will begin at 10:30 pm.