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Reappearances - bodies, gestures and glances<br />from the stages of the Biennale


Presentation of the 12 projects of Biennale College - Cinema 2013/14

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10 | 14 | 2013

The Biennale di Venezia announces the presentation of the 12 projects participating in the first workshop of the second edition of Biennale College – Cinema (2013 – 2014) held in Venice from the 5th to the 14th of October 2013, realized in partnership with Gucci.
President Paolo Baratta and the Director of the Venice International Film Festival Alberto Barbera will introduce the session which will be held at the Biennale headquarters in Ca’ Giustinian (Sala delle Colonne), on Monday 14th October 2013 from 3 pm.
The session will see the participation of the 12 teams (each made up of a director and a producer) selected through an international call for applications launched on 8 May 2013. The teams come from Argentina, Belgium, the UK, India, Iran, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, Romania, Hungary and the USA.

During the work session lasting from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the 12 teams will introduce their projects and briefly discuss all the aspects involved in the creation of their stories, their personal background, the influences on their work and their take on filmmaking. An outline and brief synopsis of the 12 projects can be found on the website,
Biennale College – Cinema, in partnership with Gucci, is supported by the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities – General Direction Cinema, by the Regione del Veneto and by Eurasia IFF, Kazakhstan. It is held in collaboration with IFP in New York, the Dubai International Film Festival, TorinoFilmLab and Busan International Film Festival.  
After the first workshop, which will be held in Venice in October 2013, three teams will be selected and invited to take part in two further workshops in Venice, to be held in December 2013 and January 2014. Afterwards the production of three micro-budget feature films (first or second work) will start. They will receive a contribution of € 150,000 and will screen at the 71st Venice International Film Festival in 2014.
Below are the titles, directors and producers of the 12 selected projects, together with a brief synopsis of each proposal.

· Blood Cells - Joseph Bull (director, the UK), Luke Seomore (director, the UK), Samm Haillay (producer, the UK): a decade after a catastrophe destroyed his family and their farm, an eruption from the past compels an exiled young man to embark upon an odyssey through the broken and beautiful margins of contemporary Britain.
· H. - Rania Attieh (director, Lebanon), Daniel Garcia (director, USA), Shruti Rya Ganguly (producer, India): a tale of two women, both named Helen, whose lives and relationships begin to unravel in the wake of a meteor explosion over their town of Troy, NY. It is a modern and lyrical re-imagining of a classic Greek tragedy.
· Imaculat - Kenneth Mercken (director, Belgium), Marcian Lazar (producer, Romania): when a 19-year-old girl from a good family is committed to rehab, she becomes a prey to the male junkies. She learns that in order to regain control over herself and her own body, she must first destroy her old self.
· La Barracuda - Jason Cortlund (director, USA), Julia Halperin (director, USA), David Hartstein (producer, USA): when an odd young woman named Sinaloa shows up on Merle’s front porch claiming to be her half-sister, an exciting surprise leads to violence.
· La Mujer de los Perros - Laura Citarella (director, Argentina), Verónica Llinás (director, Argentina), Mariano Llinás (producer, Argentina): a woman shares her life with ten dogs in a shack in the outskirts of a big city. The realistic story of a strange queen.
· Nancy - Christina Choe (director, USA), Gerry Kim (producer, USA): Nancy, a 40-year-old serial impostor, lives at home with her abusive, elderly mother. Desperate for love and connection, she creates a fake blog and catfishes a lover, until her hoaxes result in epic and tragic consequences.
· River of Exploding Durians - Edmund Yeo (director, Malaysia), Ming Jin Woo (producer, Malaysia): a peaceful coastal town in Malaysia is turned upside down by the construction of a potentially radioactive plant. A young boy at the cusp of adulthood and an idealistic history teacher find themselves fighting for the soul of their hometown.
· Short Skin - Duccio Chiarini (director, Italy), Babak Jalali (producer, Iran / the UK): one has to grow hard but without ever losing tenderness.
· The Debt - Ritesh Batra (director, India), Seher Latif (producer, India): a cop tries to prove his worth when he takes on the most important case of his life and learns how to be a parent.
· The Strike - Adam Breier (director, Hungary), Akos Schneider (producer, Hungary): one day a middle-aged family man asks himself what if his life would be different and decides to exchange the known for the unknown. An absurdly minimalist tragicomedy.
· Unless - Matteo Servente (director, Italy), Ryan Watt (producer, USA): an imaginative 11-year-old boy barrels into a rural town on a stolen Trans-Am, upending the careful routines of an elderly police dispatcher and a secretive barber.
· Winter - Aamir Bashir (director, India), Alan McAlex (producer, India): Nargis was abandoned by her husband for the cause of Kashmir's freedom. She waits and hopes for her love to return. But when he does return, scarred by violence, Nargis is forced to choose between love and freedom.
Team works, sessions with script consultants, lessons, one-to-one tuition and exchanges of ideas: this was the programme of the first workshop of the 2nd Edition of Biennale College – Cinema 2013-2014) held at San Servolo (Venice) from the 5th to the 14th of October, curated by Alberto Barbera and the Biennale College – Cinema team (Savina Neirotti, Head of Programme). The teams presenting the 12 selected projects worked closely with well-known international and Italian professionals in independent filmmaking. The purpose was to discuss all aspects of their projects and explore the field of micro-budget filmmaking by sharing ideas and experiences with the tutors and the other groups.
The tutors and consultants performed precise tasks based on their roles and particular area of expertise, each offering their unique collaboration to directors, producers or to the team.
- 3 Group Leaders: Michel Reilhac, Gino Ventriglia and Amy Dotson
Each group leader worked on 4 different projects, particularly with the directors and sometimes with the team. All groups held in-depth discussions on their respective projects, giving and receiving feedback from the other teams and putting together the ideas discussed in the other sessions.
- 3 Consultant Producers: Vincent Wang, Mike Ryan and Tristan Goligher
Each consultant producer worked individually in a group of 4 producers, and sometimes together with all 12 producers. They discussed the production aspects of each project, making use of the knowledge of each group to share experiences and best practices in the field of micro-budget filmmaking.
- 3 Script Consultants: Marietta von Hauswolff von Baumgarten, Anita Voorham and Giacomo Durzi
Each script consultant worked on 4 projects. All teams had 2 individual half-hour sessions with their script consultant to discuss the script.
 - 3 Experts: Paul Tyler, Mathilde Henrot, Katie Mustard
Each expert had a different task depending on their area of expertise. Mathilde Henrot, our distribution expert, gave a presentation on film sales and consultancy sessions with each team to discuss distribution aspects. Katie Mustard held a lecture focussed on the case study of a film, and offered a fifty-minute consultancy session with each producer to discuss production aspects. Paul led a workshop with each team aimed at realizing their project in the best way.
 - Pitching Trainer: Stefano Tealdi
In group and in one-to-one sessions, the teams were assisted in the public presentation of their projects by learning how to describe the core of their project.
The programme of the workshop featured different activities involving the teams, working in groups or together:
- Group work: different groups were involved (teams, directors only, producers only);
- One-to-one sessions: mainly with the script consultants and the pitching trainer (team or directors only);
- Case studies and lessons: for all participants;
- Sessions with another team: each group was assigned another group to exchange ideas;
- Writing: involving individual work or discussion within each team.
The first edition of the Biennale College - Cinema 2012/13 closed with the screening of three feature films at the 70th Edition of the Venice Film Festival in 2012:
· Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy - Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit (director, Thailand) and Aditya Assarat (producer, Thailand)
· Memphis - Tim Sutton (director, USA) and John Baker (producer, USA)
· Yuri Esposito - Alessio Fava (director, Italy) and Max Chicco (producer, Italy).