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A new workshop joins the Biennale College - Theatre

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the workshop is curated by Andrea Porcheddu and Anna Pérez Pagès
06 | 26 | 2014

deadline for applications: 14 July 2014

A new workshop joins the program of the Biennale College - Theatre, directed by Àlex Rigola, whose activity for this new edition is scheduled from 30 July to10 August 2014. The workshop, led by Andrea Porcheddu and Anna Pérez Pagès with the collaboration of Roberta Ferraresi for editing and Futura Tittaferrante for photos and videos, is aimed at the realization of a Theatre Community. The Biennale Theatre daily blog will explore the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Wordpress, etc.). In particular, the work is aimed at the creation of a virtual and real community between the participants in the Biennale Theatre 2014.

The editorial staff wil be entrusted the task of being witness of what happens during the activities and share it with the community of artists that once again will be in Venice for the Biennale College – Theatre workshops. The materials developed will be used for the Biennale’s website and social media, as well as on social networks and other publications related to the Biennale Theatre.
The articles may also be published in the participant’s websites, blogs, and newspapers.
Texts will be in Italian or English.
A good knowledge of writing programs, good use of social media and the ability to make and edit short videos is required.
Subscribers should have their own laptop computer, digital recorder, photo or video camera.
Subscribers should provide a CV, a motivation letter and two pictures.

The workshop coordinators will work on the selection.

Attendance to the activities for the creation of videos, reviews, articles, and interviews with the protagonists of Biennale Theatre 2014 is required. In the morning, an editorial meeting with discussion will take place; in the afternoon writing activities, analysis of the articles and videos, meetings with artists. The main working space will be at Ca’ Giustinian.
Participation is free, a paid accommodation in a double room in Venice will be guaranteed for the period from August 3rd to 11th.

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(Deadline 14 July 2014)