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Historical Archives -

The Asac at "The State of the Art Archives"

The first International Conference dedicated to Art Archives will take place in Berlin on 22-23 September

The three-day symposium will bring leading international figures from the field to examine the current state of the archives, and encourage the exchange of knowledge


In short presentations the host and invited archives will introduce their institutions, their respective collection focuses, their own work, and also the work opportunities that they provide to researchers. They reflect the development and importance of art archives, which, over the course of the cultural turns, have provided access to new realms of collecting and research for art history that emerged parallel to the paradigm shifts of modernity. In times of digital processing and publication the work of art archives increasingly attracts international attention and gains in efficacy, while providing new stimuli for art sciences such as the dynamically growing field of art market research as well as the exhibition practice itself. Since the millennium and, above all, in the last decade there have been more and more art exhibitions with documentary aspects of cultural history, which feature source materials from art archives and thereby demonstrate a recontextualisation of the presented artworks.


La Biennale di Venezia is invited at the International Symposium to present the most significant aspects regarding the Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts (ASAC), which expands and evaluates - also thanks to the several exhibitions organized over the years - the conservational and documentary assets of La Biennale di Venezia, gathered from 1895 to the present.

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