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Biennale College - Theatre

30th July > 10th August 2014

The new edition of the Biennale College - Theatre directed by Àlex Rigola will take place from 30th July to 10th August 2014. The project will seek again to adopt the spirit of a science lab: a place of postulation and debate, and a space open to encounter and experimentation.

For this project, Àlex Rigola has invited artists from all over the world - playwrights, directors, actors, and stage designers - leading personalities mostly in their forties, the makers of a theatre where we can perceive the life of our time.

Biennale College - Theatre 2014

Eight training workshops

The Biennale College – Theatre project – once again in 2014 wishes to display the spirit of a science lab, a place of postulation and debate. The Biennale Theatre, an open space for meetings and experimentation, has been designed to be a useful opportunity for artists, scholars, spectators and enthusiasts. A real factory of ideas, around the possibilities of theater staging: languages, codes, techniques and technologies, scene studies: the guidelines for a systematic check, carried out by Masters and experts from around the world.

Biennale College - Theatre 2014

Venues of the Theatre Biennale

A new venue in Venice for performing arts since 2000, the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale is located in Campo della Tana. The Biennale promoted its renovation and the theatre has today a new stage (16 m wide and 13 m deep) and seating for 250. The Teatro alle Tese is located in the heart of the Arsenale's monumental area, being the third building of a larger 2650 sq.m open space. The theatre offers seating for 408 and a large foyer and is particularly suited to contemporary performance. >>