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Biennale Architettura 2021

Collateral Events

17th International Architecture Exhibition

17th International Architecture Exhibition

22 May > 21 November, 2021


The 17th International Architecture Exhibition, originally scheduled for 2020, and postponed due to the emergency caused by Covid-19, will be open to the public from May 22nd until November 21st, 2021 (pre-opening on May 20th and 21st).

In addition to the Collateral Events that have been already selected and published in this web site, further projects can be submitted. Please find the guidelines below.


Section Collateral Events

Selected and acknowledged by La Biennale di Venezia, autonomously organized outside the institutional venues of La Biennale (Giardini and Arsenale); eligible for participation are exclusively non-profit public or private institutions operating directly and primarily in the field of architecture or in any case of art; for exclusions see please procedure, art. 2.

DEADLINE for delivery of proposals: October 5, 2020


In order to apply for participation the organizing institutions must:

1. read carefully the PROCEDURE for the Collateral Events of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition;

2. fill in and send the online REGISTRATION FORM;

3. send to the e-mail address of the Architecture Department of La Biennale collateral@labiennale.org the documentation listed at art. 2 of the procedure:

• a letter on official letterhead of the organizing institution with a participation request signed by the legal representative of the same institution (1 A4 sheet);

• a complete and detailed presentation of the organizing institution including:
- historical overview, aims and mission, management, main activities (in the past, at present, scheduled for the future) (max 2 A4 sheets);
- information and documentation regarding its non-profit legal status;

• a detailed description of the project, including:
- the curatorial contents, the themes the project is dealing with, information regarding the format and the structure of the project (exhibition, installation, conference or symposium, etc.) (max 2 A4 sheets);
- CV or biography of the Curator of the project (1 A4 sheet);
- CV or biography of the participating exhibitors (1 A4 sheet; in case of more than one participating exhibitor, max 5 A4 sheets in total), with possible selection of low resolution images of their works. Please note that further integrations and additions to the original project approved by the Curator of the Exhibition will not be allowed and will cause the rejection of the project;
- the description of the works and/or projects to be exhibited, with low resolution images (max 5 A4 sheets). In case of selection, the project that will be actually realized and the participating exhibitors must entirely coincide with those described in the approved proposal;

• in the case of a conference or symposium, the final detailed program that makes it possible to evaluate its scientific, cultural and artistic significance (max 2 A4 sheets);

• a description of the organizational plan for the event (max 4 A4 sheets) including:
- the venue; if the project includes works or installations to be collocated in outdoor areas (floating installations on water or in public spaces) a detailed description of the same works or installations and of their collocation is required;
- the different steps for the organization, realization, logistics and the management of the project, indicating the parties involved in the above activities under the responsibility and the supervision of the organizing institution;
- communication and promotion, possible related publications;
- any possible or confirmed sponsors and/or supporters of the project.


Both the online registration form and the above mentioned documentation (to be supplied both in Italian and in English language, complete and in digital version) must reach the Architecture Department of La Biennale di Venezia by and not later than October 5, 2020.

Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura