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Online pre-payment of the accreditation badge

  • online pre-payment of the accreditation badge


The accreditation badge can be paid for in advance by Credit Card or upon collection in Venice. Payment in advance will give you preferential access to the Accreditation Desk.

Regulations concerning advance payment of the accreditation badge

  • Payment needs to be made by and no later than Saturday, 19th August 2017.
  • Payment will take place in two separate steps. First reservation of payment and second the charge of the amount due.
  • Both steps of payment will be communicated via e-mail by Banca Sella.
  • The payment is only completed, once the amount has been charged. Please wait for the email confirmation and bring this with you when collecting the accreditation. In case that you should not receive confirmation, please contact the office issuing your accreditation.

The accreditation badge has a fiscal value and no further invoice will be issued by the office. For administrative uses, please keep your badge which has a fiscal stamp on the reverse.


  • The type of accreditation (Press, Industry, Cinema) cannot be changed once payment has been made.
  • No refund is possible in case of non-attendance or cancellation.
  • Loss of the accreditation badge has to be reported to the local police authority. The badge will only be replaced against renewed payment and within the times of the issuing office.
Biennale Cinema
Biennale Cinema