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The First Ingredient: Tales from Soda Island - Ch. 7

Venice Immersive
Simone Fougnier
Studio Syro (Peter Ariet), Meta (Ryan Genji Thomas, Goro Fujita, Yelena Rachitsky, Sarah Malkin)
Running Time:
Simone ‘Funi’ Fougnier (Funilab)
Simone ‘Funi’ Fougnier (Funilab), Nicholas Ladd, Nicholas Diaz
Hannes Edenroth, Rasmus Faber, Joe Mawson
Joe Mawson, Hannes Edenroth, Julien Mier, Peter Ariet
Lead designer:Simone ‘Funi’ Fougnier (Funilab)
Technical team:Nicholas Saunders, Peter Ariet


The First Ingredient: Tales from Soda Island culminates in its final chapter, encapsulating our journey since the outset. We have tracked myriad creatures, delved into their histories, and understood their roles in a fantastical musical island.
A figure named Silence has been subtly stirring in the shadows of prior chapters. This concluding installment will reveal its purpose and intricate role in an ecosystem seemingly unaccommodating. The Island’s inhabitants must face severe repercussions following their dismissal of Silence, as its absence ushers in disruptive noise. Their only recourse is a desperate quest to retrieve Silence and restore tranquility. Throughout our VR series, a key focus has been exploring the intricate dance between Music and Silence. This quest reaches a profound resolution in Chapter 7 - The First Ingredient.

Main Creator’s Statement

In this final episode, my goal was to successfully round off Silence’s character arc, and provide a satisfying conclusion to our series. Each episode has its own unique story and set of protagonists, but the character of Silence has been present from the beginning, weaving the entire season together. As a director, my objective was to create a compelling and relatable struggle for him, often misunderstood and rejected due to his nature, yet absolutely crucial for peaceful existence.
We frequently view silence as awkward, sometimes even terrifying, but in loud environments, amidst constant visual and acoustic stimuli, silence becomes a luxury. I aimed to convey these emotions by giving them form, incarnating the concept of silence into a tiny creature searching for its place in the world. After all, a world without silence is a world without music—a truth everyone on Soda Island must understand, appreciate, and cherish.



PRODUCTION 1: Peter Ariet – Studio Syro
1629, SW 75th Terrace
32608 – Gainesville, United States of America
Tel. +1 3522158065
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/studiosyro
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiosyro/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StudioSyro

PRODUCTION 2 : Ryan Genji Thomas,Goro Fujita,Yelena Rachitsky,Sarah Malkin - Meta Platforms Technologies
1, Hacker Way
94025 - Menlo Park
United States of America
Tel. +1 18057086721

PRESS OFFICE: Peter Ariet – Studio Syro
1629, SW 75th Terrace
32607 – Gainesville, United States of America
Tel. +1 3522158065

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