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Online ticket sales for the Biennale Musica 2021
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Online ticket sales for the Biennale Musica 2021

The 65th International Festival of Contemporary Music - Choruses is directed by Lucia Ronchetti and will run from 17-26 September 2021.

Biennale Musica 2021

Starting 19th August, it is possible to buy, exclusively online, the tickets for all the appointments – concerts, encounters, installations – of the 65th International Festival of Contemporary Music directed by Lucia Ronchetti and organized by La Biennale di Venezia.
Tickets are available on the La Biennale website: BUY ONLINE


In Venice from September 17th to 26th, the 65th International Festival of Contemporary Music, titled Choruses – Drammaturgie vocali, intertwines tradition and modernity around an extraordinary musical instrument, the human voice, involving the entire city in its historic locations – from Basilica di San Marco to Teatro La Fenice and Teatro Malibran, from the spaces of Arsenale to Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, and up to Teatro Parco Bissuola in Mestre.  

Concerts, sound installations, processional works, experimental performances explore the voice in light of the contemporary musical creativity. Composers from different generations will present some of the most representative vocal and choral a cappella works of the past 50 years along with newly-commissioned works: Kaija Saariaho, Hans Abrahmsen, George Lewis, David Lang, Luca Francesconi; Sivan Eldar, Sergej Newski, Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Francesco Filidei; Georges Aperghis, Arvo Pärt, Sylvano Bussotti, Morton Feldman. With them, vocalists and performers from different musical traditions – contemporary, jazz, folk, hip hop, afro rhythms, electronic - in four concerts for solo voice that widen the horizon of today’s vocality: Jennifer Walshe, Elina Duni, Joy Frempong, Zuli.

A site-specific composition commissioned by La Biennale to Christina Kubisch, a pioneer of German sound art, Il viaggio della voce, finds its space in the perfect acoustics of the Cappella Marciana in the Basilica di San Marco. Also commissioned by La Biennale, the processional work Moving still – processional crossings is conceived by the internationally-trained composer Marta Gentilucci in collaboration with four contemporary female poets who have written original texts – Elisa Biagini, Irène Gayraud, Shara McCallum and Evie Shockley.

For the Biennale College, the selected young composers and performance artists will create new works in the different forms of vocal dramaturgy that inspire the Festival: Maria Vincenza Cabizza and Manuel Hidalgo Navas two new works for vocal ensemble, Jack Sheen and Chonglian Yu two new sound installations, Daniele Carcassi, Agita Reke, Xu Tong Lee three experimental performances. Finally, EVO Ensemble, selected among young Italian vocal ensembles, will perform a concert with vocal a cappella compositions.


The 65th Festival features some of the most representative choral and vocal ensembles in Europe: the Choir of the Cappella Marciana, Theatre of Voices from Copenhagen, SWR Vokalensemble and Neue Vocalsolisten from Stuttgart, the vocal ensembles Sequenza 9.3 and Accentus from Paris, with the participation of the Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice and the Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble.

The Centre for Computer Music and Multimedia of La Biennale di Venezia (CIMM) will be responsible for the diffusion and spatialisation of the electronic parts in some of the works.

Encounters, conferences and Lezioni di Musica (Music Lessons) in collaboration with Rai Radio3 will highlight the link between the Venetian musical tradition and the contemporary.

How to access the concerts

All the events, even the free ones, require online booking.

In line with the hygienic-sanitary protocols for cultural activities, the audience is required to arrive provided with Green Pass (EU Digital COVID Certificate) according with the disposition of the latest Legislative Decree in force, a face mask and in advance. The seats will permit to maintain distancing. Please remember that the ticket is personal and cannot be handed over and that it is not possible to change seat.

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