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  • The International Theatre Festival reserves operators who work in the sector (“Press” and “Professionals”) the possibility of applying for accreditation according to their specific field. Accreditation will be granted according to the respective regulations and is subject to available seats.
  • Participation in the Festival involves full acceptance of its regulations.
  • Any violation of these will result in the immediate withdrawal of the accreditation badge.
  • Accreditation passes are issued at the full discretion of the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia and is subject to limited availability.


The accreditation badge must be paid for in advance by credit card or debit card.

Regulations concerning advance payment of the accreditation badge
• Following the confirmation of the accreditation request, the applicant will receive an email by Vivaticket with the instructions for the payment.
• Payment needs to be made by and no later than 7 days after the reception of the payment link by Vivaticket, otherwise the accreditation will be cancelled. Anyway, no payment will be accepted after July 19, 2019.
• Only upon payment, the accreditation will be considered valid.
• No refund is possible in case of non-attendance or cancellation.
• Loss of the accreditation badge has to be reported to the local police authority. The badge will only be replaced against renewed payment and within the times of the issuing office.
• The accreditation is nominal and strictly personal, therefore it must not be transferred to third parties, otherwise the accreditation will be withdrawn.

Accreditation badges for press, radio-television and press attaches are reserved to media professionals who provide the application form satisfying the accreditation requirements. In detail:

  • a letter of appointment on official headed paper signed by the editor-in-chief of the publication sending the journalist to cover the Dance, Music and Theatre Festivals
  • the completed accreditation form
  • a copy of the articles written for the previous DMT Festivals (if they have not already been sent) or three recent articles written by the journalist for a new application.

All requested material must be sent in PDF by attaching it to the accreditation form.


The Press Office reserves the right to approve applications sent before the deadline: 19th July 2019.
We cannot guarantee that applications that arrive at our office after that date will be accepted.

Only applications for accreditation with the necessary documentation will be considered.
Requests which have simultaneously been sent to other registration offices asking for other typologies of accreditation will not be taken into consideration.

The accreditation allows journalists to request complementary tickets to performances, which will be issued taking into account the regulations for registration and the limited number of available seats and will be at the full discretion of La Biennale di Venezia.
Tickets are personal and non-transferable.

The Press Accreditation gives a discount on tickets of the Festivals to an accompanying person.
The Press Accreditation offers a reduced-price ticket to the 58th International Art Exhibition.

On the occasion of the 47th International Theatre Festival (Venice, 22 July - 5 August 2019), La Biennale di Venezia intends to promote and encourage attendance of the festival by offering professional operators the possibility to apply for professional accreditation. Accreditation entitles bearers to visit up to 10 shows of one’s choice (limited seating should be taken into account).

Accreditation costs € 50.00.
Requests should be received no later than 16 July 2019.
Accreditations are strictly personal and cannot be shared with, or transferred to, other persons.

Categories entitled to request accreditation:

- Theatre Professionals
- Festival organisers
- Choreographers
- Theatre companies
- Production firms
- Theatre Directors
- University professors of related subjects (performing arts)
- Composers
- Orchestras and ensembles
- Music Academies / Dance Academies / Theatre Academies
- Conservatory faculty members
- Italian and foreign cultural institutes


Professional accreditations offer the following benefits:

• Priority access to up to 10 shows
• Access to the Symposium
• Discounts for tickets to attend further shows, beyond the 10 free ones included in the accreditation
• Discounts on the ticket to visit the 58th International Art Exhibition
• Discounts on the ticket for a possible “+1”
• Assistance with the search of an accommodation in Venice
• Welcome kit

Requests are subject to a discretionary and unappealable evaluation by La Biennale di Venezia, as to the issuing of accreditation cards and to the number of accreditations issued for every single organization or firm. Cards are anyway subject to limited availability.


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