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Rafael Bonachela

Capturing Emotions - Raphael Bonachela
We Unfold and 6 Breaths are the two choreographies that Rafael Bonachela presents to the 7th International Festival of Contemporary Dance. They are in perfect symbiosis with the music of the Italian composer Ezio Bosso which expresses the power of nature.

We Unfold, an explosion of movement that seems to reflect the images of the Big Bang projected on an enormous screen serving as backdrop to the action, and conveying the idea of the birth of the cosmos and of man.
6 Breaths evolves over six movements of music, trying to make the emotional potential come out, and it is about the simple and vital act of breathing.

Are We That We Are by Adam Linder instead explores the states of change in the awareness of human experience. The piece presents a series of situations embodying states of otherness that go beyond ordinary rational thought.

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Capturing Emotions - Raphael Bonachela

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