la Biennale di Venezia
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Maps of the exhibition venues

Hilma af Klint
Born in 1862 in Solna, Sweden
Died in 1944 in Djursholm, Sweden
Victor Alimpiev
Born in 1973 in Moscow, Russia

Ellen Altfest
[ video ]
Born in 1970 in New York, USA

Pawel Althamer
[ video ]
Born in 1967 in Warsaw, Poland

Levi Fisher Ames
Born in 1843 in Sullivan, USA
Died in 1923 in Monroe, USA

Yuri Ancarani
[ video ]
Born in 1972 in Ravenna, Italy

Carl Andre
Born in 1935 in Quincy, USA

Uri Aran [ video ]
Born in 1977 in Jerusalem, Israel

Yüksel Arslan
Born in 1933 in Istanbul, Turkey

Ed Atkins
[ video ]
Born in 1982 in Oxford, UK
Marino Auriti
Born in 1891 in Guardiagrele, Italy
Died in 1980 in Kennett Square, USA
Enrico Baj
Born in 1924 in Milan, Italy
Died in 2003 in Vergiate, Italy

Nikolay Bakharev
Born in 1946 in Mikhailovka, Russia
Miroslaw Balka
Born in 1958 in Warsaw, Poland
Phyllida Barlow
Born in 1944 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Morton Bartlett
Born in 1909 in Chicago, USA
Died in 1992 in Boston, USA

Gianfranco Baruchello [ video ]
Born in 1924 in Livorno, Italy

Hans Bellmer
Born in 1902 in Katowice, Poland
Died in 1975 in Paris, France

Neïl Beloufa
Born in 1985 in Paris, France

Graphic Works of Southeast Asia and Melanesia, Hugo A. Bernatzik Collection 1932
Stefan Bertalan
Born in 1930 in Racastie, Romania

Rossella Biscotti [ video ]
Born in 1978 in Molfetta, Italy

Arthur Bispo do Rosário
Born in about 1910 in Japaratuba, Brazil
Died in 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
John Bock
Born in 1965 in Gribbohm, Germany

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré
Born in 1923 in Zéprégüé, Ivory Coast

Geta Bratescu
Born in 1926 in Ploiesti, Romania

KP Brehmer
Born in 1938 in Berlin, Germany
Died in 1997 in Hamburg, Germany

James Lee Byars
Born in 1932 in Detroit, USA
Died in 1997 in Cairo, Egypt
Roger Caillois
Born in 1913 in Reims, France
Died in 1978 in Kremlin-Bicêtre, France

Varda Caivano
Born in 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vlassis Caniaris
Born in 1928 in Athens, Greece
Died in 2011 in Athens, Greece

The artists selected for the main exhibition, VIVA ARTE VIVA
National Participations
Countries exhibited in their own pavilions at the 57th Intl. Art Exhibition
Collateral Events
Additional exhibitions and initiatives in Venice during the 57th Biennale