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Takefu Ensemble – Portrait of Toshio Hosokawa

A portrait spanning over twenty years of music from Toshio Hosokawa.

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Toshio Hosokawa
Sakura for shô (2008, 3’)
Gesine for harp (2009, 8’)
Vertical Song I for flute (1995/96, 8’)
Nacht Klaenge for piano (1994/96, 15’)
Vertical Time Study for clarinet, cello and piano (1992, 10’)
Small Chant for cello (2012, 6’) Italian premiere
Birds Fragments III for shô and flutes (1990/97, 10’)
Arc-Song for clarinet and harp (1999, 9’) Italian premiere
Stunden-Blume for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2008, 12’)
Mayumi Miyata shô
Takayo Matsumura harp
Yasutaka Hemmi violin
Tomoki Tai cello
Tosiya Suzuki flute
Nozomi Ueda clarinet
Junko Yamamoto piano


Toshio Hosokawa (1955) bases his music on the principles of Zen Buddhism and a symbolic interpretation of nature, in which sound and silence are equally important, because the notes are born and die like a mounting breath. "Silence is full of sound if only we knew how to listen to it", says Hosokawa, who compares his music to the brushstrokes of a calligrapher, whose artistic gesture begins in the air and only later touches down on the paper.

Teatro Piccolo Arsenale

CAMPIELLO TANA, 2169/F, 30122 
TEL  +39 0415218711

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