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Architettura nei Paesi Islamici

2nd International Architecture Exhibition
Director: Paolo PORTOGHESI
20th November 1982 – 6th January 1983
Site: Padiglione Italia ai Giardini
Director appointed by President Giuseppe Galasso
In the second Biennale di Architettura, Portoghesi proposes an overview on the Architecture in Islamic countries, from the aftermath of 2nd World War onward.

Venice becomes an observation post from which to look at the architecture of those regions between India and Morocco, becoming once again a privileged crossroads and a gathering point between Western and Eastern countries, and foreseeing a burning issue for the years to come.

In the introduction to the catalogue, Portoghesi underlines how the influence of the Islamic culture has become stronger since the end of the 19th century, especially in western literature, arts and architecture, influencing personalities such as Gaudì, Wright and Le Corbusier. The attention for environmental contexts, the spiritual component and the basic social purpose of Islamic architecture is opposed to the coldness and self-referential elements of modernist standards.

The exhibition presents a series of projects, both in the pipeline and fully realized, in which local traditions are combined with the most innovative construction technologies. Particular importance is paid to the works of Hassan Fahty, a prominent figure among Egyptian young designers.

Moreover, other monographic exhibitions were curated, all centered on other leading personalities who confronted with Islamic architecture, such as Fernand Pouillon and Louis Kahn, with a series of drawings destined to urban centers in India and Pakistan, and two projects by Le Corbusier for the city of Algeri and Chandigarth. In parallel, the second edition of the Architecture Biennale shows a series of restoring and requalification suggestions for ancient housing estates.
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