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la Biennale di Venezia
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Venues and services at Venice Lido

Direct management of the Lido’s spaces
Revamping of the Festival’s venues
Complete renovation of the historical Sala Grande
Renewal of services
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Since 2009, the Venice Biennale has assumed the task of intervening directly in the organization and management of the Venice Film Festival’s venues at the Lido, and has been able to do so thanks to the receptiveness and continuous support of the Municipality of Venice.
In those venues at the Lido licensed by the City administration, the Biennale chose torenovate the system of the Sale (Halls), the surrounding spaces and the Festival’s itineraries, according to a new and clearer perspective, enhancing the quality and style of the ensemble of venues (Palazzo del Cinema, Palazzo del Casinò, Sala Darsena, and Lion’s Bar).
In addition, great efforts have been made to improve the services offered to the Festival’s public, with the help of various authorities and local organizations.
This overall upgrade project includes other improvements that are currently in the planning stage, and once finished will completely transform the Film Festival, bringing both the Festival and the Lido to a new level of excellence.
Thanks to an agreement with the Hotel Excelsior, the Biennale was able to lease the historical Art-Deco building of the Lion's Bar (one of the Lido’s landmarks) together with the spaces under the porticos, which will result in a unified and improved management of this central location of the Festival.
As part of this overall project, the Biennale has aimed to provide special benefits to the guests and the public, making the Festival more welcoming and competitive. Agreements were signed with the Excelsior at the Lido and Starwood (Hotel Danieli and Hotel Europa in Venice), which will reserve a number of rooms and services at a fixed price and make them available to the delegations, producers and distributors of the Festival’s films, offering accommodation of the highest quality.
As regards to technology, and again thanks to the collaboration of the City of Venice, this Festival will offer free Wi-Fi coverage at the Lido to visitors, journalists and cinema professionals; hotspots will be located in all the Festival’s venues and at the Lido sites most traversed by the public.
The Biennale was directly involved in the complete renovation of the Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema, which now becomes a hall of great historical significance. It is the first time that the Sala Grande is renovated in the spirit of its initial design, through a contemporary rereading of the formal elements present in the project of 1937, and this also remind us that the Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world.
The renovation includes a return to the original architecture, the overhaul of acoustics and the lighting system, and the complete refurbishing of the interiors (armchairs, floors, curtains) according to the Modernist style. To complete the Sala Grande’s renovation, alterations were carried out in the Hall on the ground floor and in the Galleria of the Palazzo del Cinema, aiming to adapt the Palazzo itself to the aesthetic and technological standards required by the Film Festival.
At the Lido the Biennale thus sets out to celebrate its history, which will be featured also in the renovated Palazzo del Cinema through an exhibit on notable artists and works shown at the Festival throughout the years.
The upgrade project also includes a repair of the roof of the Palazzo del Casinò, in order to prevent the recurrence of the water leakage that happened last year during the Film Festival.