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69th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Alberto Barbera

29th August > 8th September 2012


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After a decade-long civil war which cost more than 13,000 lives, the Maoists have come into the front-line, to compete in the national election for the Constituent Assembly. Amid the political changes going to take place in the pristine kingdom of the Himalaya, the life of Bijuli, a 12 years old girl in the remote west of Karnali, is also about change forever. Bansulli is a journey of hopes and desires, against the social stigma that still prevails in Nepal.
7 September 14:30 - Sala Perla ORIZZONTI Bansulli (The Flute) [Short Film] by Min Bham - Nepal, 15'
language: Nepali - s/t English, Italian
Nikita Budhthapa, Ghanashyam Giri, Naresh Bhandari
Director’s Statement
I can smell alpine pines and fresh lush meadows, chill Himalayan breeze passing through me and making me realize how wonderful this place is where I am born. With time, I have seen the dark aspects of my life and society which is drowned in poverty, illiteracy and taboo where there is a tall mountain standing between Male and a Female aspirations. All of this thought, self-exploration of pain, happiness and learnings brought me to create Bansulli.