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69th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Alberto Barbera

29th August > 8th September 2012


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One night in Moscow, in the decisive days of October 1917, the Red guards and cadets fight. The State troops sent as a backup fraternise with the insurgents and the revolution triumphs. Alongside these events are those of an old factory worker and his children, one of whom is in love with the daughter of a wealthy industrialist and whose brother is an offi cer in the White Army. It is a film celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the revolution with a robust narration full of psychological depth and intimate tones.
31 August 17:00 - Sala Volpi 1 September 17:30 - Sala Pasinetti «80!» Poslednjaja noc’ (The Last Night) (1936) by Julij Jakovlevic Rajzman - Urss, 100'
language: Russian - s/t English, Italian
Nikolai Dorokhin Ivan Peltsee, Mariya Yarotskaya, Vladimir Popov, Alexey Konsovski, Vladimir Gribkov, Mikolai Rybnikov
Director’s Statement
The best creative result comes when there is a close relationship between the screenwriter and the director and the ideas fl ow easily. Gabrilovic and I managed to envisage the same fi lm. Once we found the essence of the story we worked smoothly on a coherent plan, supervising each other, helping each other and directing each other.