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la Biennale di Venezia
Main Visual Sezione Cinema EN (new)


69th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Alberto Barbera

29th August > 8th September 2012

Special Screening

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Mount Carmel
One might start with its history / Observe its geological evolution / Its reappearance above the water’s surface / The composition of the stone and perhaps / The whiteness of the limestone / And try to imagine how deep / Mount Carmel sinks beneath the water / Or with its vegetation / Mediterranean scrublands / eilat eretz Israel pistacia palaestina / the goddess of the land of Israel / carob trees, parasol pines, oaks / One would mention the animals / Of the mountain / The jackals and the gazelles / None are left today / And all the bird species / And perhaps even a tiger on the prowl / But then we would be in the times of the British mandate / Of course one might also speak of man Adam / And thus of earth Adama / And of blood dam / Adam / Man / There are caves on the Mount’s western slope / Right in front of the sea / Neanderthal man also sat there / Contemplating the beauty of suns setting / In the West, over the sea / It seems it was a woman / The oldest Neanderthal man / That we knew / Undoubtedly, she was fl eeing the ice age in Europe / Already / The Canaanites mustn’t be forgotten / Who raised idols to the gods of nature / And believed it was enough for one tree / To grow in a country / For God to incarnate there / And not only as Adam, man, Dam, blood / And the unending confl ict gutting the Middle East / Unyielding clash, imbued with sweat / That will end up, with its blinding forces / Gutting the earth / Grand desires and their destiny / And beauty too / Will end up wiping out History and people / In exchange for a piece of precious land / For shopping centres / But of course all this may be approached differently / With the birth of Efratia, my mother / At the foot of Mount Carmel / In the German colony of the Templars / We are at the end of summer 1909 / Under the control of the Ottoman Empire / Or at least it so appears / Like always in such circumstances / The Ottomans don’t know / They’ve hundreds of years of reign behind them / But only eight years separate them from when / Allenby, leader of the British army / Will capture Jerusalem / And come here / To Haifa / But for Kippur / Munio was already no longer alive / Because he died at the foot of Carmel / In the hospital of Maimonides / After ten years of a long sickness / And he died the twenty-third day / Of the month of Ellul / Exactly the same date / In the Hebrew calendar / As that of the birth of Ben / My son / Ben / His grandson / On another continent / Fifteen years later