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69th Venice International Film Festival

Director: Alberto Barbera

29th August > 8th September 2012

Venice Classics

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During the restoration of Campanadas a medianoche we located many materials that are witness of a complicated post-production process with changes that generated six different versions of the film, all of them screened in various cinemas along 1965 and 1966. The documentary examines the complicated work undertaken by Welles to finish the film in Madrid and Paris.
3 September 17:00 - Sala Perla 4 September 21:15 - Sala Volpi VENICE CLASSICS Las versiones de Campanadas a medianoche de Orson Welles by Luciano Berriatúa - Spain, 17'
language: Spanish - s/t English, Italian

Director's Statement
The aim of this documentary is to bring us closer to what Welles thought while he was working, to help us understand his decisions and to show the difficulties that he had to face in order to finish his master work, showing at the same time the criteria followed for the restoration of the film.

Notes on the restoration
In 2009, the Filmoteca Española commissioned restorer Luciano Berriatúa a research aimed at clarifying the different materials and preserving the final versions of the variants found. We have recovered the shades of gray established by Orson Welles and Edmond Richar and preserved the image and sound negatives and made 35mm prints of the English version and of the Spanish version that we are now presenting in Venice. For the latter we worked with the objective that it should be a faithful reproduction of the copy screened in Madrid in 1966.