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la Biennale di Venezia
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Final Cut in Venice

The Venice Film Market and the Venice International Film Festival, in collaboration with Amiens International Film Festival and Fribourg International Film Festival, are pleased to announce the first edition of the workshop FINAL CUT IN VENICE, dedicated to African films in post-production.
During the Workshop the work-in-progress copies of 4 films in postproduction, specifically selected, will be presented to an audience of producers, buyers, distributors and programmers of International film festival, to foster possible partnerships for co-production or access to the distribution market.
The workshop will end with the award of prizes in kind or in cash, intended to financially support the films during post-production:
- Up to € 16,800 offered by Cinemage/Groupe Image (Paris) for digital color correction, corresponding to 7 working days (56 hours , technician included);
- Reduction of € 15,000 for sound mixing, offered by Mactari Mixing Auditorium (Paris);
- € 10,000 for post-production costs to be carried out in France, offered by CNC –Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (Paris);
- Up to € 10.000 for visual effects and special effects, offered by Knightworks;
- A 35mm print (without subtitles) or the participation in the production costs of a DCP, offered by the International Film Festival of Amiens;
- A 35mm print (without subtitles) or the participation in the production costs of a DCP, offered by the International Film Festival of Fribourg;
- Up to € 6,000 for the production of the DCP master and the French subtitles, provided by Titra TVS (Paris).
The selected films in post-production:
    Made in Madagascar - Avec presque rien... (Made in Madagascar - With Almost Nothing...) by Nantenaina Lova (Madagascar)
     El Ott (The Cat)  by Ibrahim El-Batout (Egypt)
    Challatt Tunes (Challatt of Tunis)  by Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia) 
    Territorial Pissings  by Sibs Shongwe-La Mer (South Africa)


The first edition of the FINAL CUT IN VENICE workshop will take place on August 31, 2013 during the Venice Film Market of the 70th Venice International Film Festival (Lido di Venezia, August 28 – September 7, 2013).
The Festival’s purpose is to provide concrete assistance in the completion of African films and to offer producers an opportunity to present films still in the production phase to international film professionals and distributors in order to facilitate post-production and promote co-production partnerships and market access.
3.1 Workshop
The workshop consists in one day of activities, in which the working copies of a maximum of four selected African films (see articles 5 and 6) are presented to producers, buyers, distributors and film festival programmers. Networking, encounters and meetings will allow directors and producers to interact directly with the workshop participants.
3.2 Screenings
The workshop also includes screenings of material of the selected films in the presence of the directors and producers. Only accredited sector professionals will be allowed to attend the screenings: producers, distributors, operators, buyers, festival programmers, representatives of the institutions and others invited in advance by the Festival management.
The workshop will conclude with the awarding of prizes, in kind or in cash, for the financial support of the films in their post-production phase:
· up to € 16,800 offered by Cinemage/Groupe Image (Paris) for digital color correction, corresponding to 7 work days (56 hours, including technician);
· a discount of € 15,000 offered by Mactari Mixing Auditorium (Paris) for the sound mix;
· € 10,000 toward post-production costs in France, offered by CNC - Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (Paris);
· the printing of a 35mm copy (without subtitles) or participation in the cost of making a DCP, offered by the Festival International de Film d’Amiens;
· the printing of a 35mm copy (without subtitles) or participation in the cost of making a DCP, offered by the Festival International de Film de Fribourg;
· up to € 6,000 to make a master DCP and French subtitles, offered by Titra TVS (Paris);
· up to € 10,000 for visual effects and special effects, offered by Knightworks.

The prizes will be awarded by final and irrevocable decision on the part of the Festival Director, in conjunction with the project partners, the heads of the institutions, and the service companies providing the awarded prizes.
5.1 Eligibility criteria of the films
All films presented must be in post-production and made exclusively by African directors or directors of African origin. Only feature fiction or feature art-house documentary films (minimum length of each film: 60 minutes) will be considered.
It is preferable if a complete working copy of the film is sent. Should the film still be in an initial editing stage, a series of edited sequences will be accepted (totaling at least one-third of the overall anticipated length of the film), accompanied by the director’s statement of intent and a film treatment.
5.2 Subtitles
Should the language spoken in the film not be Italian, French or English, a copy subtitled in one of these above-mentioned languages or a translated dialogue list must be provided.
5.3 Subsequent submission
Each film may participate in only two editions of the “Final Cut in Venice” workshop, and may participate the second time only if substantial progress in the production of the working copy has been achieved, and if the film was not awarded in the previous edition.
5.4 Submission to other sections of the Festival
Submission to the “Final Cut in Venice” workshop precludes submission to any other official section of the Festival that same year. However, it is possible to submit the film to official sections of the Festival the following year. Moreover, upon the discretion of the Festival Director, a film in post-production that was submitted to the official sections of the Festival but was not selected, may be submitted to the workshop that same year.
6.1 Selection
The Festival Director is responsible for selecting the films; this decision is final and irrevocable. The Festival Director will, in any case, be assisted by a representative of each workshop partner and by a representative of the Biennale di Venezia’s Film Sector staff of experts.
6.2 Selection results
The selection results will be communicated to the submitted films before the end of July 2013.
7.1 Materials to be sent for the selection
In order to be considered for selection, by July 4, 2013 applicants must:
a) fill out the “Final Cut in Venice” submission form, located at, and sign it in acceptance of the present regulations;
b) send the Festival two copies of the film (accepted formats: DVD, Blu-ray disc).
Mailing address to which the two DVDs and the application form must be sent:
La Biennale di Venezia – Film Sector
Palazzo del Cinema, Lungomare Marconi
30126 Lido di Venezia
Tel. +39 041 2726501
Fax +39 041 2726520
Or send a link with the password for viewing the film online.
7.2 Informational material about the film
Informational material about the submitted film must be sent exclusively in electronic format to:
7.3 Return of the films sent
The Festival is not required to return the films submitted for the selection process.
8.1 Participation form
Invited films will receive a participation form, which must be filled out and returned by July 31, 2013. The Festival’s reception of the completed and signed form implies the legal acceptance of the invitation on the part of all those to whom it is sent; acceptance is considered final and binding.
The film’s invitation to participate in the workshop must remain completely confidential until the Festival program has been officially announced; failure to comply will result in the film’s exclusion from participation.
8.2 Copies and materials
The representatives of the invited films must send by and no later than August 12, 2013:
- 2 copies in DVD or Blu-ray in the original version with English subtitles. A working copy that is further along with respect to the version submitted in DVD to the selecting commission may be sent;
- 1 DVD in original version with English subtitles, for the exclusive use of the Festival’s internal services, should the sent copy be different from the selected DVD copy;
- the subtitle list.
Only in special cases, which must be authorized in writing by the Director, can the deadline of August 12, 2013 be extended; however, should the copies of the film not arrive by August 20, 2013, the screenings will be canceled.
All informative material required for the Venice Film Market (synopsis, statement of intent, crew and cast list, director’s biography and complete filmography, photographs of the director and cast, and scenes from the film in b/w or in color) must be sent as soon as possible, and in any case no later than August 2, 2013, and must be labeled “Material for VFM.” This material is to be sent to:
8.3 Official logo
Films which are awarded one or more workshop prizes must indicate the award they have received, including the Festival logo and the phrase “with the support of the ‘Final Cut in Venice’ workshop” in the opening credits of the film and in all promotional material, plus any other mention (logos, wording, etc.) on the basis of the contributions received and the prizes awarded.
The Festival will cover trip expenses and accommodations for the directors, and accommodations for one producer, for each of the selected films, for three days (August 30, 31 and September 1, 2013).
10.1 Shipping costs
The full cost of sending the material, including customs expenses, to the Festival headquarters, as well as their return freight, will be borne by the applicant.
Participation in the “Final Cut in Venice” workshop constitutes unconditional adherence to these Regulations. The producers, distributors or other subjects submitting the film must ensure they are legitimately entitled to enter the film.
The Festival Director reserves the right to settle any case not covered by these Regulations, and to waive the Regulations in special and well-motivated instances. In case of dispute regarding the interpretation of the single articles of the Regulation, the original text written in Italian is to be considered final.