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Final Cut in Venice

Workshop to support the post-production of films from Africa All sections »
KAOUTHER BEN HANIA - CHALLATT TUNES Tunisia, 92' (92') work-in-progress
Jallel Dridi, Rebeh Saidani, Mohamed Slim Bouchiha, Moufida Dhehbi
IBRAHIM EL-BATOUT - EL OTT (THE CAT) Egypt, 42' (110') work-in-progress
Amr Waked, Farouk Al Fishawy, Salah Al Hanafy
NANTENAINA LOVA - MADE IN MADAGASCAR - AVEC PRESQUE RIEN... Madagascar, 77' (75') work-in-progress
SIBS SHONGWE-LA MER - TERRITORIAL PISSINGS South Africa, 41' (60') work-in-progress
Michael Mack Magagane, Emma Tollman, Inness Maas, Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, Bonko Cosmo, Jim Hazard, Chistopher Bolton, Kelsey Corlette, Ayla Shade, Michael Butler, Mbuso Zulu, Jami Ella Gavin
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