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Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1946. At a very young age he became the film critic for the daily newspaper O Estado, becoming attracted to the cinema of the European Nouvelle Vague. He made his debut at the age of twenty-one with the film Cara a cara (Face to Face, 1967), founding the Brazilian “cinema marginal” movement with a group of director friends, a film movement distinguished by political rebellion and intense formal experimentation. His films took only a few days to make: seven for O Anjo Nasceu (The Angel Was Born, 1968), twelve for Matou a Família e Foi ao Cinema (Killed the Family and Went to the Movies, 1969). During those years, he founded the Belair production company with director Rogerio Sganzerla, producing his own films and those of the movement; radical, shocking stories with a drastically innovative style which were often targeted by censors. Bressane is now recognized as one of the foremost filmmakers in Brazil, with over thirty films and documentaries to his name. He has been at the Venice Film Festival constantly since 1997, when he participated with Miramar, the story of young filmmaker. He returned in 1999 with São Jerônimo, dedicated to the life of the saint, Dias des Nietzsche em Turin (Days of Nietzsche in Turin, 2001), about the philosopher’s trip to Turin in 1888, Cleopatra (2007) and A erva do rato (The Herb of the Rat, 2008), freely inspired by two works written by author Machado de Assis.
1997 – Miramar – Officina Veneziana Fiction (screenplay, director)
1999 – São Jerônimo – Nuovi territori (screenplay, director)
2001 – Dias des Nietzsche em Turin (Days of Nietzsche in Turin) – Nuovi territori (screenplay, director)
2007 – Cleopatra – Out of competition (screenplay, director)
2008 – A erva do rato (The Herb of the Rat) – Orizzonti (screenplay, director)


70 Directors for Venice 70

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