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70 Directors for Venice 70

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Born in Naples in 1940, he is a director, painter, playwright and professor of Scenography at the Fine Arts Academy in Naples. He began his career in the world of entertainment as a set designer for television programmes and series (such as Sheridan, Squadra omicidi). His first film as a director, Vito e gli altri (Vito and the Others, 1991) about the life of street urchins in Naples, triumphed in Venice, winning the International Critics’ Week Award and inaugurating a filmography that is particularly sensitive to the universe of children and to the contradictions of the director’s native city, a constant source of inspiration. Capuano returned to the Venice Film Festival in 1995, participating in the official competition with his most famous film, Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a Maggio (Pianese Nunzio, Fourteen in May), set in the Rione Sanità in Naples, the story of a particular relationship between a young boy and a priest committed to the struggle against the Camorra. He returned in Competition in 1997 with the episode Sofialorén in the anthology film I vesuviani (The Vesuvians) and in 2001 with Luna rossa (Red Moon), the ruthless epic of a Camorra family for which Licia Maglietta won the Premio Pasinetti as Best Actress. In 2010 he participated in the Giornate degli Autori section with L’amore buio (Dark Love). His other films include Polvere di Napoli (1998), presented at the Locarno Film Festival, and La Guerra di Mario (Mario’s War, 2005), starring Valeria Golino, which won the Critics’ Award at the David of Donatello 2006.
1991 – Vito e gli altri (Vito and the Others) – International Critics’ Week (screenplay, director)
1996 – Pianese Nunzio 14 anni a maggio (Pianese Nunzio, Fourteen in May) – In competition (screenplay, director)
1997 – Sofialorén (in I vesuviani, The Vesuvians) – In competition (director)
2001 – Luna rossa (Red Moon) – In competition (subject, screenplay, director)
2010 – L’amore buio (Dark Love) – Giornate degli autori section (screenplay, director)

1991 – Vito e gli altri (Vito and the Others) – International Critic’s Week Award


70 Directors for Venice 70