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Born in Brussels in 1968, he graduated in filmmaking from the Fondation Belge de la Vocation. He made his debut behind the camera in 1989 with the short film To Nap a Kid. In 1992, with an episode in the anthology film Les sept péchés capitaux, in which the authors chose not to identify the individual contributions, he participated in the Venice Film Festival for the first time in the International Critics’ Week section. Apart from his debut feature-length film Max et Bobo (1997), his next three films, considered as a trilogy in which the director explores the character of women and the mechanisms of love, were all screened at the Venice Film Festival. In 1999 Fonteyne participated in Competition with Une liaison pornographique (A Pornographic Affair): Nathalie Baye, in the role of a woman who initiates a purely sexual affair with a stranger which later becomes emotional, won the Coppa Volpi for Best Actress. In 2004 the Orizzonti section presented La femme de Gilles (Gilles’ Wife) and in 2012 Tango libre, winner of the Special Jury Prize, the story of a prison guard who breaks the rules of his job when he begins an affair with a non-conformist and passionate young woman, related to two of the inmates.
1992 – Les sept péchés capitaux (anthology film) – International Critics’ Week (director)
1999 – Une liason pornographique (A Pornographic Affair) – In Competition (director)
2004 – La femme de Gilles (Gilles’ Wife) – Orizzonti (screenplay, director)
2012 – Tango libre – Orizzonti (director)

1999 – Une liason pornographique (A Pornographic Affair) – Coppa Volpi for Best Actress to Nathalie Baye 2012 – Tango libre – Orizzonti Special Jury Prize


70 Directors for Venice 70

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