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70 Directors for Venice 70

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Monte Hellman was born in New York but moved to Los Angeles at the age of five. His parents both played golf, and were champion bridge players. He studied Drama at Stanford University. After early careers as a portrait photographer and actor/director in the theatre, he made his first movie in 1960. He’s made five pictures with Jack Nicholson, four with Warren Oates and three with Fabio Testi. He’s shot in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Almeria, Lanzarote, London, Rome, and the states of South Dakota, Utah, Georgia, and every state between California and North Carolina. He currently teaches Directing at California Institute of the Arts, and uses his shooting locations as a classroom.


1975 - Cockfighter - Proposte di nuovi film (director)
1988 – Iguana – Venezia Orizzonti (director)
2010 – Road to Nowhere – In competition (director)

2010 – Road to Nowhere – Jury Award Special Lion for Career Achievement


70 Directors for Venice 70

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